Handling Plumbing Emergencies During the Holidays

As the old saying goes, “what goes in, must come out.” During the holidays, that can mean a lot of food going into our bodies and some potential problems coming out in the bathroom. According to experts at Mansfield Plumbing, if your toilet stops functioning there are a few things you can do before opening […]

2016 Plumbing Industry Insights – Part 2

Speed is what plumbers, builders and distribution locations are looking for when it comes time to get quality sanitaryware and bathware products. “Distributors don’t have the space or desire to stock a massive amount of inventory,” says Jim Morando, president of Mansfield Plumbing. “Plumbers don’t want to wait weeks to get the products they need. […]

2016 Plumbing Industry Insights – Part 1

Higher focus on aging-in-place products for the bathroom. Faster availability of products for plumbers. Continued focus on high performance, low consumption toilets. These are just some of the top trends for 2016 in the plumbing products industry identified by leaders of Mansfield Plumbing. “Strong focus on high performing, low water usage products is a trend […]

302 Years of Military Service at Mansfield Plumbing

Veteran’s Day has special meaning at Mansfield Plumbing. It’s a day to honor 49 employees in the company who have served more than 300 combined years in the United States military. “We have 538 manufacturing employees at our facilities in four locations across the country, so it’s impressive that almost 10 percent of our workforce […]

National Healthy Skin Month

November is National Healthy Skin Month and you’ll find advice available from many sources on everything from how to keep your skin from getting dry during the winter months to insights on indoor tanning. Sponsored by the American Academy of Dermatology, National Healthy Skin Month is more than just the opportunity to increase your awareness […]

Mansfield Employee Qualifies for Boston Marathon

On September 26, 2015, Mansfield Plumbing employee Dave Fletcher ran 26.2 miles in the Akron Marathon. He started training just 51 weeks before the event and ran his first marathon in a time that qualifies him to run in the Boston Marathon in 2017. Fletcher, 63, finished the Akron Marathon in four hours, four minutes […]

Updating Your Bathroom for Water and Energy Efficiency

What’s the room in the home most visited during a normal day? You guessed it — the bathroom! As a focal part of the home, it makes sense to take a critical eye to your bathroom for comfort, style, water efficiency and energy efficiency. During Energy Awareness Month, Mansfield Plumbing has some tips to share! […]

Scary Bathrooms

You get out of a relaxing bath. The mirror is completely steamed up. Yet, centered right in the middle is a clear outline of your deceased Aunt Agnes. Is that enough to scare you? At this time of year spooky bathrooms are a hot topic. Some people believe bathrooms are haunted. Maybe it’s old rattling […]

Easy Interior Upgrades to Add Beauty to Your Home

Making home upgrades? Why not make style a priority? There are many easy ways to add beauty to your home in the most unlikely spaces. Performance and aesthetics can intersect when making bathroom changes. Upgrade water-hogging appliances with modern, efficient models that are stylish and easily maintained. These choices can save you money on water […]