Child-sized Toilet Big Hit with Parents
June 12, 2017 / Kathy Ziprik

In honor of this being “Potty Training Awareness Month” we’re reminding you that Mansfield Plumbing offers the perfect way to entice children to “go on their own” — a child-sized toilet!

“Adult-sized toilets can be too high or large for children,” says Adriana Miller, product manager at Mansfield Plumbing. “They’re almost intimidating, and they can be unsafe due to their size.

“That’s why we created the Elementary toilet. It’s just 11-1/4 inches tall for easy access. We make the bowl smaller, so it’s a comfortable fit for a child.”

Available in two pieces, the round-front toilet includes a lid cover lock and a custom made SmartCloseTM toilet seat. “This seat closes very slowly, so there’s no banging down of the seat lid,” says Miller. “That’s also a good thing because the seat will not close suddenly and hurt any small fingers in the way.”