Privacy Policy

Privacy and Confidentiality of Information

It is the interest of Mansfield Plumbing Products to protect the privacy of the personal information and/or purchase information of the User obtained through the Site, agreeing to adopt a confidentiality policy as established hereinafter.

As personal information is understood that information provided by the User for the registration, which includes data such as: name, identification, birth date, gender, address, occupation, marital status and e-mail.

The User acknowledges that the entry of personal information is made voluntarily by him/her and taking into consideration the characteristics of the Site and the powers of use by Mansfield Plumbing Products, and in the understanding that such information will form a part of a file and/of database that will contain his profile, which may be used by Mansfield Plumbing Products in the terms established herein. The User may modify or update the information provided at any time. Mansfield Plumbing Products advises the User to keep the information updated in order to optimize the benefit that he may receive from the Site. The personal information provided by the User, is secured by a password to which only the User may have access and only he knows. The User is solely responsible to maintain said password and the information included in secret. Since no transmission by Internet is absolutely secure and said extreme cannot be guaranteed, the User assumes the hypothetical risk that this implies, which he accepts and knows.

The User may request that his personal information will not be delivered by Mansfield Plumbing Products, and/or third parties, by sending an e-mail to the address in which case Mansfield Plumbing Products will not deliver said information save in case that the same may be required by court order or to protect the proprietary rights or any other right or guarantee of Mansfield Plumbing Products.

Notwithstanding all the efforts on the subject of security and confidentiality of the Users’ information of the Site, Mansfield Plumbing Products does not assume any liability for any consequence arising from the undue entry by third parties to the database and/or from any technical failure in the operation and/or conservation of data in the system in any of the chapters of the Site. Mansfield Plumbing Products does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties may have knowledge of the kind, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of use that the Users make of the Site.