Two New Lavs from Mansfield
July 18, 2017 / Kathy Ziprik

Whether you like an oval or a rectangular lavatory, the two new sinks from Mansfield Plumbing will certainly meet your needs. Featuring concealed drains, these stylish sinks are now available!

The Liquid oval sinks are inspired by the fluidity of water and come in vessel, drop-in and undermount styles. The lavs have organic oval shapes to adapt to any environment. Modern and functional, the design of these lavs works well in residential settings.


The new Aramis rectangular lavs also come in vessel, drop-in and undermount styles. The modern and ergonomic design of the sinks make them ideal for any bathroom. The unique design of the Aramis lav includes ample space to put personal items on a built-in ledge. The innovative design of the sink includes a gentle slope on the right side of the lav to give a free-flowing look to the sink.