Green Plumbing Supplies

Commitment to Being Green

GreenMansfield Plumbing is committed to the sustainability of the environment in everything we do. We are proud to contribute in the following areas:

Material Conservation
Mansfield is committed to reducing raw materials such as slip, glaze, plaster, acrylic, and resin within our products, which in turn reduces the use of water and chemicals for water treatment and the disposition of inert material in landfills.

Kiln Loading and Thermoforming Optimization and Detailed Production Scheduling
Mansfield is committed to reducing the natural gas required per pound or ton of product. We have had great results in this area. Our gas consumption is lower than the industry standard for sanitary ware worldwide.

Product Development and Manufacturing

Mansfield is committed to developing products of superior value. All of our bathroom products are undergoing product improvements in terms of water consumption, performance, and cleanability. Over the last several years we are improving yields which means less scrap going to the landfills.

Operating Efficiency
Mansfield is committed to running more efficiently:

  • Lighting: Our objective is to conserve the use of electric energy while improving the lighting conditions of our plant. We will accomplish this by using more efficient fixtures throughout.
  • Compressed Air Optimization and Expansion: Our objective is to reduce the energy required to produce the compressed air required in a per piece basis
  • Waste Heat Recovery: We reuse the energy that comes out of our kilns to heat water and feed our ware dryers.

Mansfield is committed to recycle cartons that we receive from our suppliers and have projects to promote the culture of recycling among our labor force within the plant. All of our fired scrap and used mold are used by a local company to make by-products such as gravel and plaster for soil amendments and fertilizers.