Terms and Conditions

The Web site, https://www.mansfieldplumbing.com/ (hereinafter the “Site”) is owned by Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC and its parent, Organización Corona.

The access, participation, use of all the information contained in the Site, including the Content, Services and Software that are provided therein (jointly referred to as the Site) are ruled by the terms and conditions included below, which are understood known and accepted by the user(s) of the site (hereinafter, the “User”).

1.    General conditions to be followed in the use of the Site ??Every User shall comply with the Terms and Conditions established, as well as with the applicable legislation during the use of the Site. Among others, he/she shall obey the following general Conditions:

a.    The User shall not distribute, modify, copy, transmit, show, use, reproduce, publish, grant licenses, create derivative works, assign, transfer, sell or utilize in any other way the Content or the Software of the Site without prior, express and written authorization from Mansfield Plumbing Products.
b.    Mansfield Plumbing Product’s Site shall be used only for licit purposes. All activities that imply the undue use of the site, such as misrepresenting the identity of a user, using purchase agents and carrying out fraudulent activities through the site.
c.    Under no circumstance shall the Site be used as a means to send or transmit any kind of information or material that may be considered illegal, false, misleading, abusive, insulting, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, offensive, provoking, pornographic, irreverent, spam mail or any other information or material that may represent a crime or that may give rise to liability actions or that may infringe any other law.
d.    The use of the Site to transmit any type of virus, Trojans, Easter eggs, logic bombs, spyware or any other computer code, file or software that may harm or control the operation or the use of any hardware, software or equipment is prohibited.

e.    Restricting or preventing any person from using the Site is prohibited, as well as to disturb or interfere in the operation of the Site, the networks or servers.
f.    Every modification, adaptation, translation, reverse engineering, or un-assembling of any part of the Site is prohibited.

2.    Property of Site content (intellectual property)
This Site and all its content, including, but not limited to all information, data, software, photographs, graphs, videos, typographies, music, sounds and any other material (jointly called “Content”), are protected by the legislation applicable on the subject of copyrights, trademarks, patents, designs or other intellectual property rights. The entire Content is the property of Mansfield Plumbing Products. Its total or partial reproduction, translation, inclusion, transmission, storage or access through analogical, digital or any other system or technology created or to be created, copy, modification, elimination of the Content, the transfer, sale, lease or rent, or the creation of derivative work or the commercial exploitation of the Content in any way, either totally or partially, without the prior and written authorization by Mansfield Plumbing Products are prohibited.

Nevertheless, it is possible to download material from http://www.mansfieldplumbingproducts.com/ for personal and non commercial use, provided that express mention is made of the ownership of the Content in the same page.

Links to other Internet pages, different from those owned by Mansfield Plumbing Products, are offered as a service to the users. Mansfield Plumbing Products was not involved in their production and, therefore, is not liable for their content.

By using the Site, the User accepts that all information (with the exception of purchase information), material, suggestions, ideas or comments that he/she sends through the Site and through any tool provided for it, or to any third party using the Site, shall not be confidential or of restricted use. Therefore, by sending information, whether requested or not, through the Site, the User authorizes Mansfield Plumbing Products, permanently, irrevocably and unlimitedly to reproduce, adapt, compile, store and/or distribute the contents provided by him/her through the Site, without prejudice that Mansfield Plumbing Products, recognizes the User as the author of the contents provided. The User warrants that he/she is the author of the contents provided, that he/she is not infringing any copyrights of any third parties and that keep Mansfield Plumbing Products harmless against any claim from third parties on occasion of their use.

3.    Errors in the Content of the Site
The information of this Site only reflects general data on Mansfield Plumbing Products, the products offered and the list prices. No right or legal relationship will result from its use or its download. The information of the Contents, products and/or suggested prices contained in this Site may contain errors, omissions, inaccuracies, may be incomplete or not updated. Therefore, Mansfield Plumbing Products reserves the right to correct any error, omission or inaccuracy, change or update the content, product information and/or suggested prices at any time and without prior notice. Mansfield Plumbing Products does not accept any liability for any damages that may arise from any error, omission or inaccuracy of the information contained in this Site or from the activities carried out based on same.

The prices indicated are “List Prices” and will be subject to change without prior notice.

The prices disclosed in our Site represent the total product price listed by the manufacturer or supplier of same, which may not represent the final price, and may vary depending on the distributor, geographic area, date of publication and/or any other circumstance. Notwithstanding all efforts to guarantee the accuracy of the information on list prices or on the products, it may be possible that some of the products have an incorrect price.

The information on availability, stock and/or inventories, of the products exhibited in the Site is not guaranteed and may be subject to changes depending on the distributor, geographic area, date of publication and/or any other circumstance.

4.    Limitation of liability
The user’s compliance with the above indicated rules means that he user expressly accepts that the use of the Site is made at his sole risk. Therefore, Mansfield Plumbing Products shall not be liable for any eventual harm or damage, direct or indirect, present or future, that the User or third parties may suffer, as a result or on occasion of the performance of any instruction or the information contained in this Site which may cause errors, omissions, interruptions, loss or corruption of files, virus, delays in the operation or transmission, or any other type of error in the operation; and the user releases Mansfield Plumbing Products from any administrative, civil or criminal liability in this respect.

5.    User’s Content
In view of the possibility that the User has to include in the Site photographs and/or images and/or texts and/or other type of material which title is held by the User or by a third party, it is expressly established that by including the same in the Site will be considered that the User authorizes Mansfield Plumbing Products to have that material appear and remain in the Site without any right to any consideration by Mansfield Plumbing Products. In case said material is included, the User may keep it in the Site for the term that he may deem relevant. In respect to any type of material and/or information sent to the Site by Users, including photographs and/or images and/or texts and/or any other type of material owned by the Users or by a third party who has empowered such Users, it will be considered that the User is the holder of the copyrights on said content and that by having included it in the Site the User grants a cost free, unconditional and non exclusive license to use such content in favor of Mansfield Plumbing Products, without any right to receive any consideration, remuneration, retribution or subsequent claim or any kind, whatever its type or nature. Mansfield Plumbing Products may, in turn, make any use of said material, by virtue of the license granted.

The User acknowledges that the entry or supply of content owned by him of by third parties is made voluntarily and taking into account the characteristics of the Site and the powers to use the same by Mansfield Plumbing Products. In any event, for the supply of any type of material and/or information, the User shall obey the Conditions of Use and Participation in the Site indicated hereinafter which shall apply.

6.    Privacy and confidentiality of information
It is the interest of Mansfield Plumbing Products to protect the privacy of the personal information and/or purchase information of the User obtained through the Site, agreeing to adopt a confidentiality policy as established hereinafter.

As personal information is understood that information provided by the User for the registration, which includes data such as: name, identification, birth date, gender, address, occupation, marital status and e-mail.

The User acknowledges that the entry of personal information is made voluntarily by him/her and taking into consideration the characteristics of the Site and the powers of use by Mansfield Plumbing Products, and in the understanding that such information will form a part of a file and/of database that will contain his profile, which may be used by Mansfield Plumbing Products in the terms established herein. The User may modify or update the information provided at any time. Mansfield Plumbing Products advises the User to keep the information updated in order to optimize the benefit that he may receive from the Site. The personal information provided by the User, is secured by a password to which only the User may have access and only he knows. The User is solely responsible to maintain said password and the information included in secret. Since no transmission by Internet is absolutely secure and said extreme cannot be guaranteed, the User assumes the hypothetical risk that this implies, which he accepts and knows.

The User may request that his personal information will not be delivered by Mansfield Plumbing Products, and/or third parties, by sending an e-mail to the address custserv@mansfieldplumbing.com in which case Mansfield Plumbing Products will not deliver said information save in case that the same may be required by court order or to protect the proprietary rights or any other right or guarantee of Mansfield Plumbing Products.

Notwithstanding all the efforts on the subject of security and confidentiality of the Users’ information of the Site, Mansfield Plumbing Products does not assume any liability for any consequence arising from the undue entry by third parties to the database and/or from any technical failure in the operation and/or conservation of data in the system in any of the chapters of the Site. Mansfield Plumbing Products does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties may have knowledge of the kind, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of use that the Users make of the Site.

7.    Database and information
Any person who completes the registration forms accepts that his/her data be incorporated into the database of Mansfield Plumbing Products.
In any event, the User may, at any time, request the removal of his personal information from the databases of the Mansfield Plumbing Products, for which purpose he shall send an e-mail to custserv@mansfieldplumbing.com in which case he will lose any privileges derived from the registration. Additionally, the User may modify or update the information provided at any time, by entering the Site User’s Zone.

8.    Special Conditions of Participation in the Site

a.    Use Conditions. By entering the Site and in order to guarantee the good and proper use of same, the User recognizes the following powers of Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC has:

i.    • The right to modify at any time and for any reason, without prior notice, the Terms and Conditions of the Site.

ii.    • The right to refuse the registration to any person, at any time and for any reason.

iii.    • The right to include or not in the Site the material received from users at its criterion. In case it includes it, it may keep in the Site said material for the period of time that it may consider relevant or modify it.

iv.    • To remove, without it being mandatory, contents that in the judgment of the Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC may be illegal, offensive defamatory or that in any way may infringe these Terms and Conditions. In addition, the contents that violate intellectual rights, either of Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC, its related companies, or a third party may be removed at the request of the latter.

v.    • To use the personal information and/or contents provided by the Users in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Site.

b.    The Site contains links to other Internet pages, owned by third parties. Considering that Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC is not liable for the availability of those sites, the User shall address directly the administrator of that site and use those sites in accordance with their respective terms of use.

c.    The registration to the Site may be terminated by the User at any time by sending an e-mail to: custserv@mansfieldplumbing.com

d.    The User must comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Site, as well as with every additional condition that may be established in the Site.

e.    Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the Site operation. Whenever reasonably possible, Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC will previously advise about any interruptions in the operation of the Site. Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC does not guarantee either the usefulness of the Site for the performance of any particular activity, or is infallibility and in particular, although not exclusively, that the Users may effectively use the Site, access different Web pages or section that form a part of the Site.

f.    Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC shall not be liable for any harm of damages of any nature that may be derived from the lack of availability or continuity of the operation of the Site, defraud of the usefulness or reliance that Users may have attributed to the Site and to the services offered, to the fallibility of the Site and, particularly, but not exclusively, to the failures in the access to the various Web pages or sections of the Site.

g.    Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC does not control or guarantee, and therefore will not be liable for the presence of any virus or other items in the contents of the Site that may produce alterations in the computer system (software and hardware) of the User or in the electronic documents and files stored in the User’s computer system.

h.    It is the interest of Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC to be a source of information with contents that are current and of interest for the Users. However, Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC cannot guarantee that said content will be free from errors or inaccuracies, in which case the clarifications or corrections that may be applicable. Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC cannot guarantee either that the content of the Site is sufficient and/or useful for the User.

i.    Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC does not guarantee and therefore, is not responsible for the illicitness, reliability, accuracy, currency and usefulness of the opinion columns, and/or opinions or contents of the Users included in the Site.

9.    User Registration and Participation

a.    By entering the Site and in order to guarantee the good and adequate use of same, the User shall comply with the following:

i.    • Follow the Terms and Conditions and any other policy and/or condition established in this Site.

ii.    • Be responsible for any activity that is carried out under his/her registration.

iii.    • Be responsible for the security of his/her password.

iv.    • Not abusing, stocking, threatening or intimidating other users of the Site either through the chats, blogs or any other participation space, in which case his registration will be cancelled unilaterally.

v.    • Not to use this page as a means to perform illegal or unauthorized activities in any country.

vi.    • To be solely responsible for his/her conduct and for the contents of texts, graphs, photographs, videos or any other type of information which he/she may use or include in the Site.

vii.    • To use the site only and exclusively for personal use. Any use for corporate or collective use is prohibited.

viii.    • To refrain from sending undesirable e-mail (Spam) to other Users of this page; transmitting virus or any other codes of a destructive nature is also prohibited.

ix.    • To express his/her complaints, claims and denunciations through the Contact Us section of the Site.

10.    Security For User ??The User by providing his data and using the Site of Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC will have available the proper security patterns in terms of:

• Blocking of password upon number of failed attempts to enter.

• Prior authorization by the Site to browse through its restricted section.
• Encryption of personal information in the client and server.
• Encryption of channel for sending sensitive information.
• Process of authentication to enter the restricted sections of the page.
• Minimum levels of complexity in the passwords in order that they will be difficult to copy or guess.
• Security verification when browsing through the page.