Toilets FAQ

What are one piece and two piece toilets?

Toilets are generally offered in two configurations, one piece and two piece designs. One piece toilets offer an integrated tank and bowl, eliminating the crevice between the tank and bowl that can often get dirty. One piece toilets are generally found in more upscale homes and are also uniquely available in low profile, low height styles.

Two piece toilets (also known as “close coupled toilets”) are the most common type of toilet available. These designs are popular for most residential installations. Mansfield offers a complete line of attractive, high performance one piece and two piece toilet designs for most every home décor, from contemporary to traditional.

How much do Mansfield toilets cost?

Manufacturer suggested list prices for toilets range from $129 to $1200+, depending on color and finishes selected. Contact your Mansfield dealer for assistance in choosing the right toilet for your needs, and to obtain the best competitive local prices in your area.

What other features should I consider when purchasing a toilet?

Toilets come in round and elongated sizes, with many different shapes and styles to choose from. Elongated toilets are the best choice for most homes, while round styles are popular where space is at a premium. The style you select is a matter of personal taste, and you can choose from a variety of styles, ranging from contemporary to traditional.

Standard toilet height is around 14 1/2” from the floor to the bowl rim, without a toilet seat. In recent years toilet bowl height has increased to assist people with sitting and standing up, for the benefit of taller people, and those with physical handicaps and/or the elderly. The newest and most popular comfort height is typically around 16 1/8” floor to rim. The standard ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) height toilets must have, a 17”-19” floor to bowl rim height, including the seat.

You should also consider the toilet rough-in from the wall, which is commonly 12”. Other rough-in dimensions in older homes can be 10” or 14”. This is important as many toilet models are available in 12” rough-ins, but if you have a unique rough-in (10” or 14”), your selection of style may be limited. Of course, Mansfield offers a full line of toilets in many styles, rough-ins and heights, for most any installation.

How else can I upgrade my toilet?

One of the best ways to upgrade your toilet is by selecting a Mansfield seat or a new Mansfield SmartClose seat with a slow closing action hydraulic hinge, so you can avoid toilet seat “slam”.

Also, although the most common toilet trip lever is chrome plated or color matched, you can consider upgrading to a trip lever finish that matches your faucet, drawer pulls, and/or towel bars, as a final finishing touch. Mansfield offers a full assortment of trip lever finishes for most any décor.

Are Mansfield toilets easy to install?

Most toilets are easy to install if you are mechanically inclined, but we always recommend using a licensed plumbing contractor.

Do Mansfield toilets meet local and national water conservation and plumbing code requirements?

All Mansfield products meet or exceed ANSI, UPC, CSA and other local and national code requirements. We also apply stringent internal testing and quality control requirements for all our toilets, to ensure you receive the best possible performing products, every time.

Do Mansfield toilets use standard replacement parts?

Yes. Mansfield’s extensive network of parts in the United States and Canada makes our toilets one of the popular choices of professional plumbing contractors and consumers alike. We are proud to claim we manufacture our own toilet tank trim for many of our models. Common tank trim in our products includes our proprietary flush valves and fill valves (also known as a ballcock), and also the popular Fluidmaster 400A. Mansfield is constantly improving our product and part performance, so you get the best product for your needs, every time.

Mansfield service parts are available at our many dealers, wholesalers and retail outlets throughout the United States and Canada. If you need to purchase a service part for your Mansfield product, simply visit our website to identify your product, and then contact your local authorized Mansfield dealer or wholesaler for pricing and availability. For a dealer or wholesaler near you, visit our website at

As Mansfield products are extremely reliable, we also carry parts for old and discontinued products. For personal attention, please fill out the online Technical Support form at