Acrylics FAQ

How long does it take to get a Swirl-way, PRO-FIT whirlpool or Ariance air massage bath?

All Swirl-way, PRO-FIT Whirlpools and Ariance air massage bath are custom made. Homeowners select the style, color and options. Once your selection is made, Swirl-way and PRO-FIT typically takes five days to manufacture, and Ariance typically takes eight days. They are then shipped by common carrier from Henderson, Texas, U.S.A. to your distributor. We also have a Quick Ship Program available on selected PRO-FIT models. Please inquire with your distributor.

Where can I see and purchase a Swirl-way whirlpool?

Made in the U.S.A., Swirl-way whirlpools are sold through a network of distributors. For the one nearest you, check our website or contact Swirl-way Customer Service at 1-800-999-1459.

What is the length of the acrylic product warranty?

Swirl-way whirlpools and Ariance air massage have a limited 10-year warranty. PRO-FIT whirlpools carry a limited 1-year warranty. For details check our website

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my whirlpool?

If a problem develops with your tub, call 1-800-999-1459 and a technician will help solve the problem. If your tub requires service, the technician will call an authorized service company in your area to make the necessary repairs.

How can I obtain an Owners’ Manual for a Swirl-way whirlpool?

Check our website or call customer service at 1-800-999-1459.

How can I obtain a replacement part for my whirlpool?

A replacement part can be obtained by calling 1-800-999-1459.

How do I find the model and serial number of my whirlpool?

The model and serial number is located in two places:
1) On the back page of your Swirl-way, Ariance or PRO-FIT Owner’s Manual.

2) On a yellow label located on the bath vessel near the pump/motor.

What size water heater would I need?

This question is best answered by a professional plumbing contractor, as there are many variables, such as how many people are using the hot water supply, and whether the dishwasher and washing machine will be drawing hot water from the water heater.

How do I clean and maintain my Swirl-way whirlpool system?

Because of the detrimental effects that mineral deposits, soap scum, and hard water stains have on finished surfaces, it is important to keep your bathtub and the fixtures of your Swirl-way whirlpool system clean on a regular basis.

1. Once a week, wash all exposed surfaces of the bathtub with a mild solution of vinegar and water. Check for stubborn spots. Oily or greasy spots can be lifted with denatured alcohol. Wipe off with clear warm water until dry.

Warning: Under no circumstances use wire brushes, metal sponges, knives, steel wool, or scouring pads on any part of the bath, nor petroleum based solvents such as paint thinner, acetone or abrasive cleanser on any part of the bath.

2. Twice per month or more, depending on usage, purge and clean the entire whirlpool system. Follow the directions below:

a. Close the air controls completely, fill the whirlpool with hot water

b. Add 2 tablespoons of low sudsing automatic dishwasher detergent and 1/2 cup of household bleach to the water.

c. Run whirlpool for at least 15 minutes.

d. Drain, refill with cold water, operate for 10 minutes, drain and wipe with a soft cloth.

3. Regularly remove safety suction cover to wipe out any hair/debris accumulation that may clog the system. Remove Phillips head screw and clean both cover and suction fitting. Reattach cover with same screw. Never operate system while suction cover is removed.

Which cleaning product(s) does Swirl-way whirlpool recommend that I use to clean the acrylic surface of my bath?

In most cases, your bath can be cleaned using liquid soap and a soft cloth. If a stronger cleanser is needed, check the label to ensure that it is safe for use on acrylic surfaces. Do not use petroleum based or abrasive type cleaners.

What can be done about minor scuffs and scratches on my bath surface?

If an accident occurs and your whirlpool bath has a scratch or minor abrasion, it can be buffed out. If the damage is superficial use a polishing compound used for automobile finishes. If the damage is a little deeper, sanding the spot before applying the polish will normally take care to the problem. The depth of the scratch or abrasion will determine the sandpaper grade to use. A 600-grade paper is required for light to moderate damage and 400 to 220 grade will be needed for deeper damage. When sanding, begin with the lowest number grade of paper and work up to using auto car polish. With each change of paper, you will need to sand a slightly larger area than the damaged area.

I understand that my bath has a heater installed in it. How does it works?

Be certain that your heater is connected to a dedicated 115 volt, 15 amps GFCI protected circuit. The heater turns on when a vacuum or pressure switch senses water flow through the heater and the internal thermostat automatically senses the need for heat. The thermostat is set at the maximum temperature. The heater is designed to maintain water temperature, not increase it.

What’s a tile flange and will I need one on my bath?

The tile flange goes around the tub deck and sticks up behind the wall tile (or other wall finish). It prevents water from dripping off the deck and onto the floor. Every tub that will be installed against one, two, or three walls should have a tile flange. This is especially critical on bath that will be used as showers.

What is the Removable Apron option?

The apron, or skirt, covers the front of the bath, is removable and allows limited access to the pump/motor and to plumbing system components on the apron side of the unit.

What is the difference between a right hand bath and a left hand bath?

When looking at a whirlpool or bath you must establish the reference point, which is the entry side or threshold. Standing at the entry side of the whirlpool or bath, the drain location determines whether the unit is right hand or left hand.

On an end-drain bath, the right hand or left hand designation refers to the location of the drain.
On an end-drain bath, the pump and motor location will be at the opposite end from the drain.

On a center-drain whirlpool, the right hand or left hand designation refers to the pump and motor location. An Authorized Swirl-way Dealer or Distributor can provide you with additional information for your particular application.