Mansfield Plumbing Meets Needs of Aging Baby Boomers
December 16, 2015 / Stephanie Radebaugh

PERRYSVILLE, OHIO – Born between 1946 and 1964, there are about 76.4 million baby boomers in the United States*— and they’re all approaching or at retirement age. Fortunately, Mansfield Plumbing offers more than 75 toilets, sinks and tubs that are designed to accommodate the special needs of people as they age.

“Aging baby boomers are a large audience that will need bathroom products that comply with ADA standards to make their lives safer and more comfortable,” says Jean Dimeo, a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS). “Taller toilets that are easier to get up from, pedestal sinks that allow wheelchairs and walkers to come right up next to, and walk-in tubs that allow easy in-and-out access are all examples of products that people may need in their bathrooms as they grow older.”

Mansfield Plumbing has a strong focus on manufacturing ADA-compliant sanitaryware and bathware products for both residential and commercial settings.

“Having a product that is ADA-compliant doesn’t mean a person has a disability or is in a wheelchair,” says Adriana Miller, product manager for Mansfield Plumbing. “Even young Baby Boomers may find they can benefit from a taller toilet, like our SmartHeightTM toilets. These toilets are about two to three inches higher than a standard toilet, allowing people to get up and down from the seat much easier.”

Mansfield Plumbing offers a selection of 54 SmartHeight toilets in a variety of styles. The company also has 20 pedestal, under counter and wall mounted sinks (including a designated wheelchair sink) that comply with ADA requirements for accessibility.

“Transitioning your bathroom to meet your needs in the future doesn’t mean a homeowner has to give up style,” says Miller. “The reason we offer so many products that meet ADA requirements is because we recognize that homeowners want their replacement bathroom products to be stylish while filling a functional need for the changes in their lives.”

To make the bathing experience easier, Mansfield Plumbing has eight versions of their popular Restore walk-in tub featuring an easy-access step-in feature with a water-tight swing-in hinged door. The tubs are taller than standard bath tubs and feature a sculpted 17-inch high ADA compliant seat, allowing the bather to remain in an upright position while being completely submerged in water.

The Restore tubs come in a selection of soaker, whirlpool, air bath and combination styles. With the whirlpool tub, bathers get five multi-directional hydrotherapy jets (each with individual volume control) to help soothe aching muscles and joints. An inline heater maintains constant water temperature, allowing bathers to relax in non-cooling water.

“Bathrooms are one of the key areas of the home that should be adjusted to meet our needs as we grow older,” says Dimeo. “There are many easy, affordable ways homeowners can make their bathrooms more comfortable and safe to accommodate their aging bodies, such as adding grab bars and shower seats, and replacing lower-height toilets with taller ones.”

Mansfield Plumbing precision manufactures millions of pieces of sanitaryware and bathware each year at its facilities in Perrysville and Big Prairie, Ohio and in Henderson, Texas. Founded in 1929, Mansfield Plumbing, which is owned by Corona, is a leading producer of top-quality, high-design, performance plumbing fixtures and fittings for use in residential, commercial and institutional markets. For more information, visit or call 877-850-3060.


* Source: Population Reference Bureau