Denali™ – Power Flush Toilet

With Mansfield’s Denali™ Power Flush Toilet, you’ll never have to nervously wonder if all your business will be taken care of—your bowl will be left clean and sanitary.

The Denali™ is engineered to maximize hydraulic energy, with the water sitting higher in the tank to create 20% more head pressure when flushed, reaching the highest velocity possible as it blasts through two dual side jets almost instantaneously into the bowl. This pushes solid waste further down and out the drain line exceeding required code, and creates an incredible vacuum that removes waste out of the bowl.

Our highly-engineered PuraClean™ glaze further makes the bowl easy to clean and bacteria resistant.

The attractive design will grace the decor of most any style bathroom, from traditional to contemporary.

Independent testing* proves the flushing system (higher water level, 3-inch flush valve, and dual side jets) can push 1,200 grams of waste.

Captures all particles and carries waste down the drain line 1.5 times further than code requirement— a full 60 feet.

EASY-TO-CLEAN SURFACEPuraCleanIllustration
The highly-engineered PuraClean™ glaze finish is 48% smoother than the nearest competitor**, making the bowl easy to clean and bacteria resistant.

Our SmartFasten™ System provides a sturdy connection between tank and bowl to prevent rocking and leaking.

16-1/2″ tall bowl is just the right height to make sitting and standing easier.

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* Mansfield Independent Testing, 2015.
** Mansfield Internal RIQ Testing 2015.