New Brand Image for Mansfield Plumbing
April 29, 2015 / o3

Mansfield Plumbing entered its 86th year of business in 2015. During our long history, we’ve always been dedicated to creating precision-crafted sanitary and bathware products. Our growth has come as a result of providing customers with the right products, at a fair price, to help build their business.

Moving into this year, Mansfield decided to reflect on the past a bit, in order to move forward. We conducted research about ourselves and our competitors. We asked many of our customers for feedback on our products and services. We also took a deep look at what has allowed our company to grow steadily since 1929.

We learned that Mansfield is valued in the marketplace because of our top-quality products, fast delivery and commitment to making life a bit easier for our customers. While our competitors work to build complexity into their products and business, Mansfield does just the opposite.

Working with Mansfield means no gimmicks. That’s what helps us stand out in the marketplace and makes us easy to work with on a daily basis. 

Our dependable reputation allows Mansfield to stand apart in a crowded arena of manufacturers. Every element of our products, our services and our pricing are all “Made for Real Life” — and that’s the tagline we’re now embracing. We’re a company that manufactures products in America to keep Americans working, we treat others as we like to be treated ourselves, and we’re deeply committed to the success of our customers.

We value the relationship all our trade partners have with Mansfield. Our goal will always be to focus on their needs and exceed expectations. We’re here to make life easier for anyone buying, selling or installing a Mansfield product. Because we’re “Made for Real Life,” you can depend on Mansfield.

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