What You Need, When You Need It: Customizable Bathing Experiences from Mansfield Plumbing
February 10, 2016 / Stephanie Radebaugh

PERRYSVILLE, OHIO – Stressful day racing after the children? Crazy day at the office? Strained muscles from a too-vigorous workout at the gym? Not to worry. Homeowners with Mansfield Plumbing whirlpools and tubs can quickly ease out the stresses of any busy day by using the customizable features of their in-home mini spa treatments.

“Mansfield tub products stand out from the competition in many ways,” says Haley Davis, product manager for Mansfield Plumbing. “Our Swirl-way® whirlpools feature a variable speed motor that allows the bather to select the pump speed desired instead of settling for a tub with one average speed.

“This means if you need strong power from the whirlpool jets to release the tensions in aching muscles, it’s there at your fingertips. But, if your desire is for a slower, easier flow of water you can adjust the jets to achieve that. It’s all up to you.”

In addition to having customizable power in the Swirl-way tubs, Davis reports that all of the whirlpools (plus those in the Pro-fit® line) have fully adjustable jets. This gives bathers the ability to adjust the volume of water coming out of the multiple jets to focus individual attention on aching parts of the body … including the back.

“A mother who has been lifting toddlers all day or a biker who has exceeded his comfort level of cycling on an outing, will appreciate the benefits of focusing individual jet strength and attention to specific hurting areas of the body,” says Davis. “The ability to adjust jet streams of water does not come with all whirlpools. This is a special feature that helps set Mansfield products apart in the marketplace.

To further enhance and customize the Mansfield whirlpool experience, homeowners can order chromatherapy mood light systems, in-line heaters to keep bath water warm no matter how long they soak, and other specialty accessories.

MicroDerm: A Whole New Level of Relaxation

For the ultimate relaxation of a bathing experience, Mansfield offers the MicroDermTM Therapeutic Bath. As the bather relaxes, millions of oxygen-rich microbubbles are silently infused into the bathwater, helping to soften and exfoliate the skin.

In addition to relaxing and cleaning the skin, the MicroDerm also helps keep bath water warm longer. As microbubbles silently burst against submerged skin, heat is released to invigorate the skin surface and warms the water, increasing the temperature while eliminating the need to add hot water to the bath.

“The MicroDerm provides a truly stimulating bath that makes skin feel softer and more energized,” says Davis. “Liquid film technology super-saturates the bath with up to 50 percent more dissolved oxygen molecules than in regular bath water to gently stimulate and soften skin. One hundred percent of people trying the MicroDerm in independent testing report improved hydration and moisture content in the upper layer of the skin after a ten-minute immersion.”

Mansfield Plumbing precision manufactures millions of pieces of sanitaryware and bathware each year at its facilities in Perrysville and Big Prairie, Ohio and in Henderson, Texas. Founded in 1929, Mansfield Plumbing, which is owned by Corona, is a leading producer of top-quality, high-design, performance plumbing fixtures and fittings for use in residential, commercial and institutional markets. For more information, visit www.mansfieldplumbing.com or call 877-850-3060.