The Suite Life
August 3, 2015 / Stephanie Radebaugh

PERRYSVILLE, OHIO – Builders, remodelers and homeowners looking to make bathroom projects a bit “sweeter” are turning to the collection of six Affordable Style Designer Series suites from Mansfield Plumbing. Each suite includes options for a stylish toilet, sink and bathtub (and in some cases, a relaxing whirlpool or air massage tub).

The Brentwood® Suite boasts a traditional design with toilet options of the Brentwood 1.6 or the Brentwood 1.28. Both feature elongated fronts with ADA-compliant SmartHeightTM seating and MagnaFlush high performance flushing technology. The suite includes five rectangular size choices of tubs (bath only, whirlpool systems or air systems), a self-rimming sink and an undercounter sink.

The Barrett Suite also comes in a traditional design with the Barrett 1.6 and Barrett 1.28 toilets with elongated bowls and SmartHeight seating. The Barrett Suite includes five options for rectangular-shaped bathtubs, whirlpool systems and air systems, plus a pedestal sink and a self-rimming sink.

The Essence Suite has a soft, transitional style that is clean and timeless. Similar to some other toilets available from Mansfield, the Essence 1.28 has a concealed trapway and an elongated front with SmartHeight seating. Five oval-shaped tub options include bath only, whirlpool systems and air systems. A self-rimming sink and pedestal sink with optional towel bar complete the suite.

The Montclair Suite features an eclectic personality — the perfect balance between traditional and modern elements. The Montclair 1.28 toilet features an elongated front bowl with SmartHeight features and a concealed trapway. A two-person tub can be ordered as a bath only, whirlpool systems or air systems. The Montclair Suite also includes a pedestal sink or a self-rimming sink.

The Waverly Suite offers clean, crisp lines in a traditional English-inspired design. The Waverly 1.28 two-piece toilet has an elongated front with SmartHeight seating. A deep, oval whirlpool with integral armrests is available in this suite along with a pedestal sink and a self-rimming sink.

The Enso® Suite features a contemporary style with sleek, smooth lines. The Enso 1.1 and Enso 1.6 elongated toilets with SmartHeight seating feature a dual-flush operation and a SmartClose toilet seat. Four sizes of tubs are available, including a bathtub, whirlpool systems or air massage systems. Sink options include a standing pedestal and a self-rimming sink, plus an above counter vessel with a wood vanity.

“There’s nothing sweeter for a builder, remodeler or homeowner than to get coordinating bathroom fixtures all within one suite collection,” says Adriana Miller, product manager with Mansfield Plumbing. “While these products can certainly all be purchased individually, when used together they provide a striking combination of style, performance and affordability.”

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