The New MicroDerm™ Therapeutic Bath from Mansfield


Mansfield Plumbing Products, LLC is excited to launch a brand new bathing experience.

The Mansfield® MicroDerm™ Therapeutic Bath combines the relaxing elements of bathing with therapeutic benefits that rejuvenate the skin. How does it work? The MicroDerm™ system silently immerses the bather in millions of magnetically-charged microbubbles that clean, exfoliate, soften and rejuvenate the skin leaving it feeling relaxed and refreshed.  It is offered in 25 popular Swirl-way® models in a wide array of shapes and sizes.

The benefits:

  • Relaxes the bather – millions of microbubbles embrace the bather helping them relax and release muscle tension.
  • Exfoliates skin – oxygen-rich microbubbles remove the outermost layer of skin leaving behind beautiful, hydrated skin that feels warm and moisturized.
  • Cleanses skin – the magnetic action creates a positive charge in the microbubble, and the massaging action lifts off dead skin and dirt from the skin.
  • Softens skin – up to 50% more dissolved oxygen molecules than in regular water to gently stimulate and soften skin.
  • Moisturizes skin – 100% of test participants* demonstrated improved hydration and moisture content in the upper layer of the skin.
  • Heats water – as microbubbles burst against submerged skin, heat is released to invigorate the skin surface and warms the water, increases the temperature and eliminates the need to add hot water.
  • Kills bacteria – kills the bacteria while conditioning the skin.

*Reference: Independent, third-party lab that specializes in efficacy studies.

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