Water Saving Toilets & the Toy Car Test
February 13, 2014 / Stephanie Radebaugh

toiletpaperI picked up a friend the other evening for a girls’ night out.  We needed a break from the kids. When I pulled up, she was sitting in her driveway in her car’s backseat, reading by the interior light—a sure sign of desperation. As she climbed into my car, she told me she had snuck out of the house early leaving her husband with a backed up toilet and two kids to put to bed. Evidently he keeps buying this really thick toilet paper, her kids use a ton of it, and it’s constantly stopping up the toilet. Sometimes it’s the little things that set you over the edge and basically—she’s over it.

It wasn’t the time or place for me to suggest that a new toilet might be the answer rather than skimping on skinny ply to fix her problem. Girls don’t usually engage in toilet talk much.  Not to mention, there’s still this notion that water saving toilets may bring down the water bill, but they probably don’t work that well in the flushing department. But they do. Really well in fact, if you get the right one. I know, because I have one. And there are great designs, but that topic is for another day.

Really, I’m looking for an excuse to post one of these videos. I think they’re kind of hysterical, so I want the world to know they’re here. But more importantly, they prove my point. How many golf balls can you flush down this Mansfield high efficiency toilet? Guess first. Toy cars? Squares of toilet paper?

Yes, that was forty squares of toilet paper. To my dear friend with the clogged toilet, I challenge your kids to a contest.