Want to Save Water? Invest in the Right Toilet!
June 29, 2016 / Kathy Ziprik

You’ve heard it before: every drop counts. In drought-stricken areas and throughout the country, water is at a premium. That’s why selecting an efficient toilet can make a large difference in your water usage and bills.

How much water can you save with a 1.28 or 1.6 gallons per flush (Gpf) toilet over an older 3.5 Gpf  toilet that was typically installed in homes before 1993? Lots … as in the amount it takes to fill a swimming pool.

According to the Water Savings Calculator on the Mansfield Plumbing website, a family of four can save 13,870 gallons of water (and about $55) annually by changing to a 1.28 Gpf toilet. If that family were six people, the savings would be 20,805 gallons and about $83 a year.

“Advances in the manufacturing of toilets in recent years have brought great savings in water and dollars to homeowners,” says Adriana Miller, product manager for Mansfield Plumbing. “Not only do toilets now use less water, they’re constructed to be more efficient and cleaner.”

Miller cites the new DENALITM Power Flush toilet as an example of engineering success that saves water in the home. The 1.6 Gpf toilet eliminates the need to “flush twice” to remove waste.

Mansfield - pic - Denali in setting (1335x2000)

Denali maximizes energy by having water sit higher in its tank. During the flushing process, energy picks up as water moves through a three-inch flush valve to reach its highest velocity earlier in the flushing cycle. Dual side jets intensify the efficient and effective waste removal process. Denali’s superior flushing performance has been independently tested to more than 20 percent greater the highest MaP rating (a maximum performance scale that rates toilet efficiency and flush performance), removing 1,200 grams of waste with just 1.6 Gpf.

“Having an ultra-efficient toilet like Denali in the home doesn’t mean sacrificing style or comfort,” says Miller. “The well-designed Denali comes as a SmartHeightTM ADA-compliant toilet with an elongated front and an easy-to-clean vibrant PuraCleanTM glaze that’s bacteria resistant.”