Tour de Toilette
July 14, 2015 / Kathy Ziprik

The Tour de France is now underway with thousands of cyclists going through the French countryside in a grueling 22-day event.

Mansfield - Pic - France 2

What happens when these competitors need a break? During a recent trip to France we captured these pictures of “rest rooms” in various French villages. Most are “pay as you go” private outdoor facilities, while a few boldly feature the theme of Paris as “inspiration.”

Mansfield - Pic - France 1

Here in the United States, Mansfield Plumbing provides a “Tour de Toilette” on our YouTube site, where you can see exactly how our top-quality toilets are made in our Perrysville, Ohio manufacturing facility. Click HERE to see the step-by-step precision process we take to hand craft every toilet that bears the Mansfield logo.