Summertime Plumbing Tips for Your Home
June 15, 2016 / Kathy Ziprik

Summer’s here and the living is easy … especially if you don’t have to worry about your plumbing.

The team at Mansfield Plumbing wants you to enjoy your carefree summer days as much as possible, so we’ve created this plumbing tips checklist for you:

Tip #1Keep the sand on the beach. Indoor showers and tubs don’t like lots of sand going down their drains, so use an outdoor shower or hose to get off the bulk of the sand on you … or brush it away before entering the house.

Tip #2Watch out … the kids are home. Having young children home from school during the summer means keeping an eye out to make sure they’re not dropping toys and other items down the toilet, over-using the hose to flood small wading pools and other seemingly fun ideas that can play havoc with your plumbing.

Tip #3Suck up the moisture. Humid summer days combined with showers can mean the growth of moisture in your bathroom, which can turn into mold. So, start the summer by carefully cleaning bathroom fans. Then, encourage family members to use those fans throughout the summer months.

Tip #4Pay extra attention to your sinks. Sometimes people think that a garbage disposal should be able to handle anything from corn husks to leftover S’mores. That’s not the case. Educate family members that the garbage disposal isn’t meant for disposal of large items like watermelon rinds. And, use some lemon juice frequently during summer months to keep the disposal smelling good.

Tip #5Clean the drains. This yucky job needs to be done regularly throughout the year, but especially during summer months. Why? Because ants and insects searching for food during warm weather can be attracted to the hair, food particles and gunk in your drains.