Stylish Bathrooms Start with a Suite: Collections with Bathroom Vanities, Sinks, Modern Toilets, and Tubs Set the Tone
November 11, 2013 / Stephanie Radebaugh

I went on a home tour this weekend, spending an entire day immersed in local customs. Custom perfectly-placed windows, custom concrete counters, custom reclaimed flooring. And I was struck by something. Many of the homes were older homes that had been reconfigured and redesigned, and in several there were original shallow ceramic tubs and run-of-the-mill toilets. Perhaps this was budgetary, perhaps intentional. Either way it was noticeable that an opportunity to turn a bathroom remodel into a soothing sojourn had been missed.

It’s easy to get the impression that turning a ho-hum bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat is beyond the average household budget. Enter, the bathroom suite. Suites typically feature some or all of the following: complementary bathroom vanities and sinks, bathtubs, and water-saving modern toilets. Sure, updating tile and getting a new fixture or two will freshen things up, but a bathroom suite can be affordable while creating a special ambiance that feels totally indulgent.


Above is one example of our Mansfield Affordable Style Suites. What do you notice? Soaking tub, check. Modern bathroom vanity and sink, check. Contemporary toilet, check. This Enso bathroom collection sets the tone for a spa sanctuary that is entirely within reach, and there are many options within any suite.

Here are a few things to know about your choices:

  1. Bathtubs come in a variety of sizes. Just because this tub might appear too large for your smallish bathroom remodel doesn’t mean there isn’t a version of this very same bathtub that will fit your dimensions. Generally, there are at least four different dimensions available
  2. While we’re talking about affordable luxuries, you should also know that these bathtubs come as soaking tubs, whirlpool tubs (three options), and air massage tubs (three options). Can you feel your shoulders relaxing already?
  3. Not only are modern toilets affordable, they also save money because they’re more efficient. Contemporary toilets can make a statement, or not. But consistency is beautiful, and you get that when the toilet is part of a collection.
  4. Bathroom vanities and sinks are where a lot of remodels focus attention, and rightly so. It’s an easy way to bring something unique to a bath. If you look at the suite above and think, “But I want a drop-in sink,” (what’s known in the industry as a self-rimming lavatory), it’s helpful to know that just as bathtubs come with options, so do bathroom sinks. Choose from a self-rimming or pedestal sink in most any bathroom suite.

Ultimately, a bathroom suite will not only up your enjoyment of your space, but it helps set the tone for the bathroom: modern organic, traditional home, clean and sharp, spa retreat. The tile and fixture details come easily from there and are equally simple to customize. There’s something really enjoyable about the fluidity of a bathroom suite. And, forgive the shameless self promotion, but a Mansfield Affordable Style Suite costs less than any comparably equipped collection on the market, so it’s very doable.

Now, how about a lovely soak at the end of this hectic day? The Romans did it for a reason.