Six Bathroom Safety Tips for Kids
March 4, 2014 / Mansfield

At Mansfield, we’re all really excited about our latest – and smallest – product release:  A toilet designed just for kids, with the perfect height for little ones and several safety features.

Elementary_toilet_child-squareIn this photo of Mansfield’s new “Elementary Toilet,” you can see my granddaughter, Nevaeh.  Isn’t she cute?

In celebration of our new kid-sized toilet, which includes a slow-closing seat to protect kids’ fingers and a cover lock that prevents them from playing with the tank trim, I wanted to share my top tips for making sure your kids are safe in the bathroom:


Tip 1:  Install Anti-Slip Bathtub Stickers

Several companies manufacture anti-slip “stickers” you can put in the bottom of your bathtub so your kid doesn’t injure herself or himself while bathing.  You can find a variety of fun stickers your kids will love, from rubber ducks to dolphins.

Tip 2: Never Leave a Child Unattended

Never leave a young child alone in the bathtub.  Stay close to them so you can reach them quickly.  Gather bathing materials (towels, soap, etc.) before putting them in the tub.  If your child is older, check on them often.

Tip 3: Use Grab Bars

While your child is bathing, a grab bar should be within easy reach.  You can even find moveable grab bars that you can reposition as your child gets older – and taller.

Tip 4:  Unplug Appliances After Every Use

If you have any products that are regularly plugged in your bathroom, be sure to actively unplug them after every use.  A child could easily pull the appliance into water not knowing the potential danger.

Tip 5: Regularly Check Water Temperatures

Be sure to actively monitor water temperatures.  A faucet turned warm can easily turn to scalding hot without close supervision.

Tip 6:  Lock the Medicine Cabinet

Keep all medicines in the bathroom in a locked cabinet.  Tablets and pills can look like candy or mints to a small child.

With a little precaution, your bathroom can be the safe haven you want it to be for your kids.  If you have any other bathroom safety tips for kids, I’d love to hear them!