Scary Bathrooms
October 21, 2015 / Kathy Ziprik

You get out of a relaxing bath. The mirror is completely steamed up. Yet, centered right in the middle is a clear outline of your deceased Aunt Agnes. Is that enough to scare you?

At this time of year spooky bathrooms are a hot topic. Some people believe bathrooms are haunted. Maybe it’s old rattling pipes in the bathroom or because high levels of moisture are present, but bathrooms can be downright scary. Other people believe that, like in the movie Psycho, that there is nowhere to hide from evil in a bathroom!

To keep you on your toes (and checking behind your back) here’s a list of the top three haunted (keep me away from here!) bathrooms we’ve compiled:

  1. The women’s restroom near the hotel check-in for the Casino at Main Street Station in Las Vegas has a female apparition in a white dress that regularly floats around the bathroom.
  2. A repeatedly-flushing toilet and children’s giggles are an almost commonplace activity at the Hotel Galvez spa in Texas.
  3. Maybe ghosts go to school. A student remembers hearing the sounds of washing hands while he was in a bathroom in his elementary school in Forestville, Connecticut. When he came out of the stall, the water was still running, but no one was around.

Next time you visit the bathroom, just remember the old Ghostbusters refrain, “we ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”