Room With a View
January 22, 2016 / Kathy Ziprik

IMG_0919Visit the beautiful Silver Cloud Inn in Tacoma, Washington and you may find yourself impressed by more than just the waterfront view. In each of the hotel’s 90 rooms you’ll find a Mansfield toilet!

Installed more than 13 years ago when the hotel opened, the durable and water efficient commercial toilets have held up soundly over the years. According to hotel management, the toilets were originally selected to fit easily in the small spaces of their bathroom settings and have served them well for more than a decade.


The Silver Cloud Inn isn’t the only hospitality industry location to use Mansfield sanitaryware products. From coast to coast you’ll find Mansfield products in restaurants, stadiums, motels and convention centers.

Next time you’re traveling, look at the commercial plumbing fixtures in your hotel or restaurant … and let us know where you spot our popular Mansfield products!