R. Tews Construction Submits Winning Design
December 17, 2015 / Kathy Ziprik

Mother in Law Suite 1To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Gerhards – the Kitchen and Bath Store, owner First Supply recently hosted a design contest. Customers of the 13 design showroom stores in the Midwest were invited to submit projects completed with products purchased from the company.

One of the contest winners, R. Tews Construction & Design, Inc., submitted a new home featuring Barrett style SmartHeight toilets in three bathrooms. Each elongated toilet bowl was ordered with a SmartClose seat lid.

“We’ve used Mansfield Plumbing products since our company started 27 years ago,” says Jessica Falk, showroom manager and designer for R. Tews Construction & Design, Inc.. “Our company has limited showroom space so we work in concert with Gerhards to provide our customers with the opportunity to view a wide selection of products. We always recommend they look at the Mansfield product options for based on their style and performance.”

Located in Altoona, Wisconsin, R. Tews Construction & Design constructs up to 10 new homes and remodels homes, completing about 60 projects a year. “The partnership we have with Gerhards and Mansfield Plumbing works quite well for us, and for our customers,” says Falk. “We’re committed to using top-quality products like the Mansfield toilets, whirlpool and air tubs. This becomes a ‘win win’ for everyone involved.”