P.I.P.E. Inc. Relies on Mansfield Plumbing Products
May 2, 2015 / o3

The commercial plumbing team at P.I.P.E. Inc. out of Greenwood, Indiana stays busy with almost 300 projects each year. Fortunately for them, they have a plumbing products supplier they count on for 95 percent of those projects — Mansfield Plumbing.

Mansfield - Pic - Main Street Asst Living 4

“We’ve used Mansfield products for the past six years and found them extremely reliable,” says Wayne Parrish, vice president and director of estimating for P.I.P.E. Inc. “We get very few callbacks on Mansfield products and our clients are very happy with the bathroom products.”

Key clients for P.I.P.E. have included an assortment of newly-constructed senior living facilities, such as properties in Indiana constructed by Mainstreet Property Group and CarDon. The Indiana-based Mainstreet develops, finances and jointly operates transitional care centers and long-term health properties throughout the country. CarDon, also headquartered in Indiana, creates senior living communities throughout the central and southern part of the state. Between the two companies, P.I.P.E. has installed more than 1,500 toilets, plus urinals and lavatory sinks.

Mansfield - pic - Main Street Asst Living 3

“We’ve found that Mansfield products are reliable and of very good quality,” says Parrish. “We appreciate that these products are made in America, plus we get reliable service from the factory and their representative. This has been a winning combination for our commercial projects.”

At nine different Main Street facilities, P.I.P.E. has installed about 120 of the Summit two-piece toilets with MagnaFlush high performance flushing at each project. The toilets feature an elongated front with a SmartHeightTM feature (available in heights of 16-1/2 inches to 17-1/4 inches) that are ADA compliant. Additionally, more than 150 Mansfield toilets were installed at each of three different CarDon senior living locations during the past three years.

“Having a partner that’s easy to work with and reliable really helps us get these projects completed,” says Parrish. “We work with the on-site contractor for the projects to try and get Mansfield products specified because we believe in them. All the bathrooms in these commercial projects feature Mansfield products and we envision using their products for many years to come.”