Mansfield’s Best Bathroom Collections
May 26, 2016 / Mansfield

Looking for bathroom collection sets of products that really work together to transform that much-used room in the home? Affordable Style Designer Series suites from Mansfield Plumbing give you a coordinated toilet, sink and bathtub in six different styles — a complete bathroom collection!


The Brentwood® Suite boasts a traditional design with toilet options of the Brentwood 1.6 or the Brentwood 1.28. Both feature elongated fronts with ADA-compliant SmartHeightTM seating and MagnaFlush high performance flushing technology. The suite includes five rectangular size choices of tubs (bath only, whirlpool systems or air systems), a self-rimming sink and an undercounter sink.

The Barrett Suite also comes in a traditional design with the Barrett 1.6 and Barrett 1.28 toilets with elongated bowls and SmartHeight seating. The Barrett Suite includes five options for rectangular-shaped bathtubs, whirlpool systems and air systems, plus a pedestal sink and a self-rimming sink.

The Essence Suite has a soft, transitional style that is clean and timeless. Similar to some other toilets available from Mansfield, the Essence 1.28 has a concealed trapway and an elongated front with SmartHeight seating. Five oval-shaped tub options include bath only, whirlpool systems and air systems. A self-rimming sink and pedestal sink with optional towel bar complete the suite.

The Montclair Suite features an eclectic personality — the perfect balance between traditional and modern elements. The Montclair 1.28 toilet features an elongated front bowl with SmartHeight features and a concealed trapway. A two-person tub can be ordered as a bath only, whirlpool systems or air systems. The Montclair Suite also includes a pedestal sink or a self-rimming sink.

The Waverly Suite offers clean, crisp lines in a traditional English-inspired design. The Waverly 1.28 two-piece toilet has an elongated front with SmartHeight seating. A deep, oval whirlpool with integral armrests is available in this suite along with a pedestal sink and a self-rimming sink.

The Enso® Suite features a contemporary style with sleek, smooth lines. The Enso 1.1 and Enso 1.6 elongated toilets with SmartHeight seating feature a SmartClose toilet seat. Four sizes of tubs are available, including a bathtub, whirlpool systems or air massage systems. Sink options include a standing pedestal and a self-rimming sink, plus an above counter vessel with a wood vanity.