Mansfield Plumbing Offers 2015 Industry Insights
January 19, 2015 / Mansfield

Continued focus on water conservation. Increased consumer conveniences. Faster delivery of product. These are some of the top trends for 2015 in the plumbing products industry identified by leaders of Mansfield Plumbing.

“Enhanced flushing performance with less water consumption is definitely a continued trend with high focus in our industry,” says Jim Morando, president of Mansfield Plumbing. “The days of inefficient and wasteful water usage are gone. The preference in today’s marketplace is for toilets with 1.28 Gpf or lower. That’s where key manufacturing changes will take place in the coming years to accommodate this trend.”


Morando relates that the creation of more consumer-friendly features in toilets will see increased attention in the next year. “Conveniences such as touch-less flushing, easy cleaning, and improved design styles are all gaining traction with consumers,” says Morando. “And, dual-flush toilets to remove water waste versus solid waste are still growing in popularity as a way for consumers to embrace water conservation in the home.”

Another key trend Morando identifies is the desire by plumbers and builders for faster access to sanitaryware and bathware products for their projects. “Waiting weeks to get a toilet or tub after ordering is unrealistic and aggravating for industry professionals,” says Morando. “There’s a need for faster service in our industry. That doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. It means manufacturers must respond to marketplace needs by providing quality products in a timely manner that help installers save time, money and on expensive call-backs.”

More than 90 percent of the millions of sanitaryware pieces made each year by Mansfield Plumbing are constructed in the United States. Because the products are made in America, the company offers shorter lead times and higher fill rates than any other vitreous china manufacturer.

“To make life better for our customers, we commit to shipping full truckload orders of USA-made products in just seven business days,” says Morando. “That’s the kind of service that allows plumbers and builders to move forward quickly with their projects. As a bonus, our Made in the USA products mean we’re providing more jobs to American workers. Plus, we’re helping lower the carbon footprint versus those sanitaryware products made and shipped from China and other locations.”

In the bathware arena, Mansfield leaders have seen a trend develop during the past two years of sales increasing of smaller tubs as opposed to larger tubs. “We believe this ‘downsizing’ of tub sizes has to do with more homes being remodeled in recent years and requiring ‘fit to space’ sized bathtubs,” says Morando. “We’re adding a new, smaller tub in 2015 to meet this need while still offering our expansive collection of larger tubs for new construction applications.”