Mansfield Plumbing: Made for Real Life
May 11, 2015 / o3

Following extensive independent industry research, Mansfield Plumbing has launched a new brand message:Made for Real Life.

“We invested in both qualitative and quantitative research of distributors, plumbers, and other industry people to learn how they felt about all leading plumbing product manufacturers,” says Gary Pember, vice president of marketing for Mansfield Plumbing. “This research explored the needs and wants of each of these target audiences with the goal of helping us identify how Mansfield could best serve our customers.”

Findings of the study, which was conducted in early 2015 by Draper DNA, show that many plumbing manufacturers have complex structures, making it difficult for customers to do business with them.

“The results show that the majority of competitors to Mansfield are generally described as ‘aloof, impersonal and arrogant,’” says Pember. “We were hearing terms such as ‘hard to work with, complicated and unapproachable.’

“On the flip side, these same people referred to Mansfield Plumbing as ‘the nice guys of the industry’ and used descriptions such as ‘uncomplicated, easy going, relatable and committed’ to describe our company.”

Results of the study — in particular the “wants” responses — have led Mansfield to identify their niche as being the manufacturer that makes life easier for customers.

“Our new brand message of Made for Real Life capitalizes on what we do best,” says Pember. “We’re easy to work with, our products are made in America and we have fast fulfillment/delivery. In essence, our products and services are Made for Real Life situations … and we offer them in a simple, straightforward way to the marketplace.”