What Keeps Plumbers Loyal to a Brand?
August 29, 2016 / Kathy Ziprik

What keeps a plumbing company loyal to a specific product brand? According to recently-collected data by Mansfield Plumbing, the answer is quality products that are competitive priced.

“We reached out to determine why plumbers keep returning to our products and what features they’re really looking for in plumbing products,” says Gary Pember, vice president of marketing at Mansfield Plumbing. “The desire for dependable, quality products clearly is a top priority for plumbers. They have told us that they’re looking for competitively-priced toilets, tubs and sinks that provide long-term performance without any call backs.”

Mansfield - pic - Summit with PuraClean

According to Jeff Oeschger, general manager and chief purchaser for Randall Lowe Plumbing, selecting an American-made product is also a major reason to support a particular plumbing supplier. “Both our company and our customers want to champion American-made products as much as possible,” says Oeschger. “We’re supplying toilets, tubs and sinks to builders like Brock Built Homes, Edward Andrews Homes and Rocklyn Homes. These are all leading companies in our area that appreciate quality products that are Made in America and are available at a competitive price.”

Leaders at Ambit Plumbing, which supplies about 750 toilets a year to builders such as Genesis Living, Comfort Homes and Crosswind Custom Homes, focuses on product performance and reliability when selecting plumbing products.

The dependability, affordability and American-made aspects of Mansfield products have kept us using this company for six years,” says David Coman, president of Ambit Plumbing. “The appearance and flushing capability of their toilets are reliable, which is extremely important to us.”

When it comes to a product that proves itself, Jeremy Godwin with Barbour and Pourron Plumbing agrees with Coman. “We install more than 6,000 Mansfield toilets a year and the performance for the price is what keeps us coming back,” says Godwin, president of Barbour and Pourron. “For ten years we’ve relied on the performance and value of these toilets for builders in our area like Beazer Homes, Royal Oak Homes, Dan Ryan Builders and Robuck Homes. These builders demand quality products and Mansfield helps us deliver.”