Great Ways to Improve Your Bathroom
September 4, 2015 / Mansfield

A bathroom can and should be much more than a utilitarian space. In the best circumstances, it will be a place to gather your wits for the day ahead and unwind before bed. 

But building a better bathroom is necessary before you can truly relax in this space. To create the perfect at-home oasis, consider coordinating your bathroom setting. 

Mansfield - Pic - Waverly Suite (1280x855)

If you have ever replaced an appliance or fixture in your bathroom by necessity, you may have unintentionally created an uncoordinated look. If you’re tired of being mismatched, particularly in a space where you seek serenity, consider upgrading all your fixtures at once within one suite collection. Such coordination can provide a striking combination of style and performance. 

Suite collections from Mansfield Plumbing are easy ways to create a unified look. For example, the Enso Suite offers a contemporary look with sleek lines, and the Waverly Suite offers a traditional English-inspired design.  

Suites include the essential toilets, sinks and bathtubs, and in some cases, whirlpools or air massage tubs; and are also customizable for variables like size and optional fixtures. What’s more, this route makes good financial sense, as a suite collection offers less hassle and better value over a la carte purchases!