Flushing Away the Mess
March 2, 2017 / Mansfield

Real life can be messy. Especially when you’re doing laundry and your 3-year-old son decides to stuff his toy cars down the toilet. Flush. Flush. Overflow. Mess.

At Mansfield Plumbing, we understand that you need solutions to everyday problems. That’s why we make our toilets to withstand the daily rigors of life plus the unexpected challenges … like toy cars.


Click HERE to see how our SmartFlush system can handle your son’s toy car near-disaster … or the flushing of 10 golf balls … or 40 squares of toilet paper! And, if you think you need even more flushing support, ask for our MagnaFlush II high performance flushing technology … which can handle 25 golf balls or 8 toy cars!

Our toilets are made for real life … even when life throws you a curve ball or two.