Easy Interior Upgrades to Add Beauty to Your Home
October 16, 2015 / Kathy Ziprik

Making home upgrades? Why not make style a priority? There are many easy ways to add beauty to your home in the most unlikely spaces.

Performance and aesthetics can intersect when making bathroom changes. Upgrade water-hogging appliances with modern, efficient models that are stylish and easily maintained. These choices can save you money on water bills and time on cleaning day.

Mansfield - Pic - Cascade Toilet Flushing Action

Some designs, such as the Cascade high efficiency toilet (HET) from Mansfield Plumbing, even promote health. Its rimless design eliminates the germs and bacteria that hide in difficult-to-access areas. Both the round front bowl and elongated SmartHeight bowl design are approved to meet EPA standards for water efficiency, using just 1.28 gallons per flush — a savings of 20 percent more water than older models.