DIY Toilet Installation
December 8, 2016 / Mansfield

It’s easier than you may think to replace a toilet in your home. And, it’s fast. Just ask a few homeowners who tackled the DIY project recently. img_3419

“My boyfriend and his father took out an old toilet and replaced it with a Summit Dual-Flush toilet in less than an hour,” says Misty Davis with Everything Changes blog site. “We selected this toilet specifically because of the dual flush option. We had problems getting toilet paper and waste down with our other toilet. This new toilet saves water by using just 1.1/1.6 Gpf and efficiently removes solid waste when the second flush button is chosen.”

 In Oregon, Laurie Adams reports that installing a Denali toilet was “super easy and quick.”  

“On a scale of 1 being difficult and 5 being super easy, I would give this project a 4,” says Adams, with Emily Reviews blog site. “I actually had to ask my husband to slow down so I could take pictures. The entire process took less than 30 minutes.”


 For Adams, who has two young daughters at home, selecting the Denali Power Flush toilet was important because of the powerful flushing capabilities. Providing single flush confidence, Denali features superior flushing performance that’s more than 20 percent greater than the highest MaP rating, moving 1,200 grams of waste with 1.6 Gpf. 

Both Davis and Adams have written reviews of their Mansfield toilet installation experiences. To see the step-by-step blog postings, go to and