Color Me Comfy with Chromatherapy
August 24, 2016 / Kathy Ziprik

Want to build sales while truly satisfying the needs of your customers? Then recommend the Chromatherapy option in Mansfield whirlpools and air baths.


“Chromatherapy allows a person to select a specific color — or rotate through a rainbow of colors — to create a definitive mood when bathing,” says Haley Davis, product manager for Mansfield Plumbing. “The light selected changes the entire bathing experience. For example, if someone is in a romantic mood they may wish to select red, the color of warmth and love. Or, if a person is in a peaceful, tranquil mood, the color blue could be selected.”

Color trend forecaster Kate Smith with Sensational Color firmly believes that experiencing color throughout the day in a variety of ways enhances everyday experiences.

“In large and small ways we surround ourselves with colors that make us feel good — or how we aspire to feel — every day,” says Smith. “From the colors of our clothing to the colors of flowers we select for our gardens and the colors of our furnishings and accent pieces in the home, color plays a powerful role in our lives.”

Available as an option in many tubs from Mansfield Plumbing, the rejuvenating Chromatherapy experience offers bathers the following color options to meet their mood:

  • White – peaceful, pure, clean, positive and modern
  • Green – refreshing, optimistic, calming, natural, tranquil
  • Yellow – cheery, energetic, warm, optimistic
  • Red – excitement, intensity, warmth, love
  • Blue – peaceful, calm, tranquil
  • Aqua – soothing, sense of home, uplifting
  • Magenta – passionate, energetic, contentment, inspiring