Bathroom Design Ideas: There’s More to Bathroom Toilets Than Water Savings
June 4, 2014 / Mansfield

A tub is a tub, but a toilet… it’s a commode, a latrine if you’re in the barracks, a potty if you’ve got a little one, and sometimes a throne. Admittedly, this last one makes me cringe, but I couldn’t help it. For something with so many words to describe it, I don’t think we always give it the consideration it warrants when choosing a new one. And there are plenty of both functional and design options.

Of course, buying a water efficient toilet makes sense, and there are a lot of design options in water-saving toilets these days. Here’s quick rundown:

Round versus Elongated
We recently launched the elongated version of our Mansfield Maverick 1.0—it uses just one gallon per flush (gpf), that’s more than 40% water savings over a conventional 3.5 gpf model. But how do you decide whether to get a round or an elongated version?

The round version says, “Oh hi, I’ll just be minding my own business over here if you need me.” The elongated version says, “Come on over, have a seat, get comfortable.” Round toilets are great for small spaces, but for a larger bathroom, an elongated toilet is more and more the standard simply because it’s comfortable, especially for the tall folks in your life. If you opt to go from a round to an elongated, be sure to measure carefully to ensure it doesn’t obstruct a doorway, cabinet doors, or drawers.

Round bowls are typically a little more affordable, so if you don’t have a strong preference, it may simply come down to where you want to put your remodeling dollars.

Maverick Round

The unobtrusive round Mansfield Maverick

Maverick Elongated

Get comfortable: the new elongated version of the Maverick

One piece or two
The standard toilet has two pieces and for most bathrooms this will look most natural; however, there is the option of a one piece. They tend to look more modern and some one-piece toilets have low profile tanks. Take care not to pair high counters or a tall tub with a low-profile, one-piece toilet. The difference could look awkward.

Mansfield Prestigio 4

Example of a one-piece toilet:
Mansfield Prestigio 4

Color & Style
This is simple but worth noting. Toilets generally come in white and bone. Make sure that if your sink and tub are white, you get a white toilet. And find a style that suits your overall aesthetic. Even if you want a nice, statement-making toilet, you won’t want your toilet to be the focal point.

Mansfield Enso

A statement maker:
Mansfield Enso