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Mansfield Plumbing Support for Local Organizations Grows in 2016

PERRYSVILLE, OHIO – Mansfield Plumbing played a strong role in supporting the communities where they operate in 2016 with 89 different donations totaling $38,309. From school scholarships for employees’ children to contributions of toilets to churches, fire departments and shelters, the company responded generously to community requests for cash donations and products. “Our contributions locally […]

Single Flush Confidence from Powerful DENALI Toilet = Fewer Flushes and Fewer Clogs

PERRYSVILLE, OHIO – Engineered and tested to carry waste through the drain line one-and-a-half times more efficiently than the industry requirement, DenaliTM Power Flush toilets provide single flush confidence for homeowners. “The key to Denali’s success starts by the toilet having water sit higher in its tank,” says Adriana Miller, product manager for Mansfield Plumbing. […]

Recycling Superstars: Manufacturers Who Take Recycling Seriously

America Recycles Day: November 15th MILLS RIVER, NC – Creating a quality product is hard work. For some companies, when a piece comes off a manufacturing line with the wrong imprint, a slightly scratched frame or a blemish, the flawed item is oftentimes designated for the recycling bin. At Mansfield Plumbing in Perrysville, Ohio, where […]

Toilets that Help You Manage Water Costs

PERRYSVILLE, OHIO – Are you flushing money away? If you have an older toilet that uses more than 1.6 gallons per flush (Gpf), the answer is “yes!” With the focus today on gaining efficiencies in the home — energy efficiency, solar efficiency and water efficiency — choosing a low-flow toilet is a key way to […]

2017 Industry Insights from Mansfield Plumbing

Cleaner, High Efficiency Toilets Lead the Way PERRYSVILLE, OHIO – Leaders at Mansfield Plumbing say there are three words that sum up the focus of the plumbing products industry for 2017: Cleanability, Performance and Environmental. “The sanitaryware industry has seen a distinct escalation in the growing consumer demand for cleaner toilets this year,” says Gary […]

New Training Program Helps Build Confidence for New Hires at Mansfield Plumbing

PERRYSVILLE, OHIO – Launched just five months ago, a new weeklong training program at Mansfield Plumbing for newly-hired people has already made a strong impact on employee retention and satisfaction. The program includes 40 hours of paid classroom and hands-on training in dedicated casting and processing training rooms at the company’s new Training Center. “Each […]

True Beauty is Inside the Toilet

PERRYSVILLE, OHIO – The outside of a toilet can look sleek, smooth and stylish. But it’s the inside of the toilet where you’ll find the true beauty of the operations. “Toilets are designed to quickly and efficiently remove waste,” says Adriana Miller, product manager at Mansfield Plumbing. “Understanding the operation of a toilet can give […]

Mansfield Plumbing Hosts Service to Mark 50th Anniversary of Plane Crash

PERRYSVILLE, OHIO – On Tuesday, August 16, 2016, Mansfield Plumbing will host a commemorative service to honor five people killed in a plane crash 50 years ago on that date. Four of the five people who died were employees at Mansfield Plumbing. The service, which is open to the public, will take place at 4:00pm […]

What Keeps Plumbers Loyal to a Brand?

PERRYSVILLE, OHIO – What keeps a plumbing company loyal to a specific product brand? According to recently-collected data by Mansfield Plumbing, the answer is quality products that are competitive priced. “We reached out to determine why plumbers keep returning to our products and what features they’re really looking for in plumbing products,” says Gary Pember, […]