Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Space-Saving Bathroom Sinks
July 16, 2014 / Mansfield

Is it just me or do small bathrooms get a bad rap? Not enough storage. Not enough space for a tub. And so on. But I think there are so many reasons to love them. You can actually get away with big, bold wallpaper. You have to pare down toiletries instead of, like me, holding on to every bubble bath and eye shadow you’ve ever owned. And when you’re considering a small bathroom remodel, you can really splurge on one or two key things—like top-end counters or floor-to-ceiling tile—and still complete the project within a reasonable budget.

Every detail in a small space matters when you’re considering bathroom remodel ideas, and one those details is your lavatory. In addition to how it fits into your overall aesthetic, it’s important to consider that your sink can be part of a space-saving strategy in a small bathroom remodel. Here are your options when choosing one:

1). The traditional self-rimming sink, while perhaps the most versatile, can also take up more space. In a small bathroom that inch (or more) of rim can mean a lot if you want to use the counter.

2). For the most space-saving bang for your buck, opt for a pedestal sink. No counter necessary. If you’re concerned about storage, there are plenty of compact storage space solutions out there. Pedestal sinks are a bit more like buying a piece of furniture; choose wisely, as it could make or break your design concept.

3). Second to pedestals in space-saving benefits are undermount sinks. Undermounts don’t have any rim, so you get more of that vital counter space. Typically undermounts look clean and modern, drawing attention to the counter more than the sink itself. That said, consider investing in a dressier counter such as granite or marble if you choose an undermount. An added benefit: undermount sinks don’t have crevices, so they’re easy to clean. If you hate every extra inch of bathroom cleaning, then an undermount is the one for you.

4). Vessel sinks are also an option for maximizing a small space if you choose a small free-standing piece to hold it. They also feel more upscale than other sink choices and can be a centerpiece in a small bathroom.

Each type of bathroom sink has different faucet and overall size considerations, so study up before you get your heart set on one specific style.