Whitley™ Collection Freestanding Baths

Introducing a Family-Friendly Fusion of Elegance & Practicality

The Whitley™ Collection of freestanding baths, features contemporary, yet timeless styles for today’s bathroom sanctuaries.

Constructed of high-gloss, solid acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement for strength and rigidity, these products are built to last and include a ten-year warranty. Each freestanding bath is handcrafted and buffed to a high shine before shipping to ensure it will gleam as the as the picturesque focal point of any bathroom. The Whitley Collection highlights timeless beauty while also boasting extraordinarily smooth and easy to clean surfaces.

The inviting simplicity of the Whitley Collection is sure to make for a spacious bubble-filled bath time for the kids as well as a relaxing, luxurious spa-like retreat

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