Single Flush Confidence from Powerful DENALI Toilet = Fewer Flushes and Fewer Clogs
December 3, 2016 / Kathy Ziprik

With the arrival of friends and family for the holidays, are you worried about a possible clogged toilet this holiday season? Get rid of your holiday plumbing concerns by replacing your older toilet with a Denali Power Flush Toilet.

Engineered and tested to carry waste through the drain line one-and-a-half times more efficiently than the industry requirement, Denali toilets provide single flush confidence for homeowners.


“Denali’s success starts by the toilet having water sit higher in its tank,” says Adriana Miller, product manager for Mansfield Plumbing. “During the flushing process, energy picks up as water moves through a three-inch flush valve. This water reaches its highest velocity earlier in the flushing cycle. Dual side jets intensify the efficient and effective waste removal process. This combined strength gets the waste removed in a single flush.”

A key to Denali’s “fewer clogs” is the superior flushing performance that’s more than 20 percent greater than the highest MaP rating. Independent tests show the toilet operation moves 1,200 grams of waste with 1.6 Gpf. The Denali’s 60-foot drain line carry — 50 percent longer than the industry requirement — assures fast and complete removal of waste.

While a wide variety of today’s toilets are being created to use less water (from 1.0 Gpf to 1.6 Gpf), many of these toilets do not have the adequate power or drain line carry to efficiently complete the job of waste removal in a single flush. The design of the Denali toilet reduces the need for maintenance calls, since waste is being powerfully flushed out through the drain lines.

“Less clogs mean less service calls for homeowners,” says Miller. “This reduces the headaches, hassles and expense of having a plumber come out to unclog your pipes.”

Denali toilets are Made in the U.S.A. and come as a SmartHeightTM ADA-compliant toilet with an elongated front and an easy-to-clean vibrant PuraCleanTM glaze. The finish is 48 percent smoother than the nearest competitor, making the bowl easy to clean and bacteria resistant.

Available in white, Denali includes a two-bolt tank-to-bowl SmartFastenTM system that assures perfect alignment and leak-proof connections. The powerful toilet is backed by a limited lifetime warranty on vitreous china and a limited five-year warranty on tank trim.