Mansfield is your single source for reliable commercial lavatory products. With over 80 years experience manufacturing plumbing products, we have built a reputation for performance and quality.

Our commercial line includes toilets, urinals and lavatories for any application. From elegant models ideal for the hospitality industry, to bariatric and BPL models for health care facilities, to high efficiency products eligible for LEED credits, Mansfield has the products you need at the price you're looking for.

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1312, Model 1312


Model 1312

Spec Sheet (164.2 KB)

1312 Commercial Package, Model CP-1312

1312 Commercial Package

Model CP-1312

Spec Sheet (427.5 KB)

1313 ADA, Model 1313

1313 ADA

Model 1313

Spec Sheet (297.5 KB)

1313 ADA Commercial Package, Model CP-1313

1313 ADA Commercial Package

Model CP-1313

Spec Sheet (621.8 KB)

Adam, Model 401HE


Model 401HE

Spec Sheet (397.0 KB)

Adriatic, Model 1319BPL


Model 1319BPL

Spec Sheet (197.9 KB)

Adriatic, Model 1319


Model 1319

Spec Sheet (323.6 KB)

Adriatic Commercial Package, Model CP-1319

Adriatic Commercial Package

Model CP-1319

Spec Sheet (656.6 KB)

Adriatic™, Model 1319RS


Model 1319RS

Spec Sheet (341.3 KB)

Baltic, Model 1311NS


Model 1311NS

Spec Sheet (298.7 KB)

Baltic Commercial Package, Model CP-1311

Baltic Commercial Package

Model CP-1311

Spec Sheet (618.2 KB)

Baltic™, Model 1311RS


Model 1311RS

Spec Sheet (271.5 KB)

Brevity, Model 422


Model 422

Spec Sheet (331.7 KB)

Brevity ADA Commercial Package, Model CP-422

Brevity ADA Commercial Package

Model CP-422

Spec Sheet (401.9 KB)

Brevity Rear Spud, Model 422RS

Brevity Rear Spud

Model 422RS

Spec Sheet (303.9 KB)

Cascade, Model 410HE-RS


Model 410HE-RS

Spec Sheet (322.7 KB)

Cascade, Model 410HE


Model 410HE

Spec Sheet (316.5 KB)

Cascade Commercial Package, Model CP-410

Cascade Commercial Package

Model CP-410

Spec Sheet (300.9 KB)

Elementary, Model 5326-4320


Model 5326-4320

Spec Sheet (822.8 KB)

Erie, Model 1301BPL


Model 1301BPL

Spec Sheet (183.9 KB)