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Updated 05/27/16

Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC, a fast growing and progressive manufacturer of ceramic ware is seeking a Quality Assurance Technician at our Perrysville, Ohio facility. This individual will test and inspect products at various stages of production process and compiles and evaluates statistical data to determine and maintain quality and reliability of products. In addition the successful candidate will audit the work activities of processing production workers to verify conformity of activities to quality assurance standards.


  • Obtains quality assurance personnel checklist.
  • Observes and asks workers questions pertaining to job functions.
  • Reads processing information such as worker logs, product processing sheets, and specification sheets, to verify that records adhere to quality assurance specifications.
  • Observe workers using equipment to verify that equipment is being operated and maintained according to quality assurance standards.
  • Writes and submits audit report to supervisory personnel.
  • Interprets engineering drawings, schematic diagrams, or formulas and confers with management or engineering staff to determine quality and reliability standards.
  • Selects products for tests at specified stages in production process, and tests products for variety of qualities such as dimensions, performance, and mechanical, electrical, or chemical characteristics.
  • Records test data, applying statistical quality control procedures.
  • Evaluates data and writes reports to validate or indicate deviations from existing standards.
  • Recommends modifications of existing quality or production standards to achieve optimum quality within limits of equipment capability.
  • Sets up and performs destructive and nondestructive tests on materials, parts, or products to measure performance, life, or material characteristics.
  • Prepares graphs or charts of data or enters data into computer for analysis.


  • At least 3 years of Quality Management experience.
  • Knowledge of an ISO certified environment including a successful ISO9001:2008
  • Implementation and/or Lean Manufacturing and TMP implementation techniques.
  • A minimum 5 years work experience in a manufacturing quality environment
  • Associates Degree or technical degree required.
  • Strong MS Office skills (Word, Excel, Project, etc.)
  • Proven track record in coordinating the development of corrective action plans.
  • Ability to deliver results in a very challenging and fast-paced environment.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Project management skills, including multi-tasking and time management.
  • Sound technical ability and experience.
  • A valid driver’s license, the potential to travel up to 25% annually, and the ability to obtain a valid Passport.

Interested individuals should send their resume and salary history to:
Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC, ATTN: HR DEPT, P.O. Box 620, Perrysville, OH 44864
or email
or fax (419) 938 – 1427


Updated 05/27/16

The following are skills that are sought for this position and it is not an exhaustive list.

  • Perform basic equipment diagnosis for both electrical & mechanical issues.
  • Must have an understanding and experience in all phases of 110-480 volt system with higher voltage experience preferred.
  • Troubleshoot and repair all standard electrical components and detect minor equipment problems and correct them before they become major issues.
  • Disassemble/reassemble equipment such as gearboxes, cylinders, pumps, valves, etc. and repair/replace worn or defective parts.
  • Experience troubleshooting and repairing hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Troubleshoot PLC systems and other control systems and install wiring systems for power and control.
  • Troubleshoot, install and repair ac/dc motors, starters, relays and drives.
  • Welding and machining experience.
  • Install new equipment and understand technical manuals, read blueprints and how to purchase replacement parts necessary to make equipment repairs.
  • Perform preventive maintenance per planned schedules. Clean and lubricate machinery. Inspect equipment operating conditions. Identify root causes of equipment problems.

The Ideal candidate will be either a graduate of an industrial apprenticeship program or 2-year technical school with at least 3 years industrial experience or have a minimum of 5 yrs. experience as a maintenance electrician/mechanic in an industrial manufacturing facility.

Interested individuals should send their resume and salary history to:
Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC, ATTN: HR DEPT, P.O. Box 620, Perrysville, OH 44864
or email
or fax (419) 938 – 1427


Updated 05/27/16

The successful candidate will report directly to the Plant Engineer to specify, design, rebuild and/or upgrade and install special process equipment controls for our production facility. Experience programming and integrating Allen Bradley PLCs and Robotic Controls is a must. In this hands-on role the engineer will work with other Engineers, Maintenance, Project Leaders, Outside Contractors and Production personnel to improve our technologies and processes. This individual must comply with company safety procedures, give timely and detailed status updates, and use lean techniques where applicable. The ability to model electrical drawings in 2D or 3D is required. These skill sets will contribute to the engineering team’s capability to automate and ergonomically improve manufacturing processes.

Qualified candidates must possess a bachelor degree in Engineering, Engineering Technology, or an associate’s degree in Engineering Technology plus equivalent experience.

Interested individuals should send their resume and salary history to:
Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC, ATTN: HR DEPT, P.O. Box 620, Perrysville, OH 44864
or email
or fax (419) 938 – 1427


Updated 05/27/16

Qualified candidates must possess minimum of five (5) years maintenance supervisory experience in a manufacturing environment, bachelor degree and/or combined experience & education, proven leadership ability, well developed motivational methods, strong verbal and written communication skills, computer competency,

Successful candidates will also have experience/ knowledge of preventive/predictive maintenance processes and strong skill base with mechanical, electrical, PLC, hydraulic, pneumatic, industrial plant engineering techniques, furnace, and robotics.

Interested individuals should send their resume and salary history to:
Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC, ATTN: HR DEPT, P.O. Box 620, Perrysville, OH 44864
or email
or fax (419) 938 – 1427


Updated 05/27/16

The production positions are physically demanding positions that have a 12 hour shift rotating work schedule, working every other weekend. Qualified candidates must have a high school diploma and/or GED, at least 18 years of age, able to lift at least 50 lbs., and possess a strong work ethic.

Interested individuals should send their resume and salary history to:
Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC, ATTN: HR DEPT, P.O. Box 620, Perrysville, OH 44864
or email
or fax (419) 938 – 1427

Download an application here: Application for Hourly Employment

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Position Being Bid Date Posted Successful Bidder
CBC, Caster (Bench 2), A 2/2/2016 Carl Fromm
CBC, Caster (Bench 6), A 2/2/2016 Adam Hoelscher
CBC, Caster (Bench 3), C 2/2/2016 Matthew Kadey
Spray, VRP, C 2/2/2016 Steven Kochert
CBC, Finisher, C 2/2/2016 No eligible bidders, will appoint
NBL, Loose Piece Install, C 2/2/2016 Nathan Sander
NBL, VRP, B 2/2/2016 Joseph McCane
BMC, VRP, B 2/2/2016 Kenneth Scott
CBC, Finisher, A 2/2/2016 Bradley Nirosky
BMC, VRP, D 2/2/2016 Jeremy Vandriest
CBC, Finisher, A 2/2/2016 Brennen Tucker
CBC, Finisher, A 2/2/2016 No Eligible bidders, will appoint
Spray, Transfer/Batt Puller, C 2/9/2016 No Bidders, Will Appoint
CBC, Utility, D 2/9/2016 Steven Hunt
CBC, Finisher, B 2/16/2016 Wade Thompson
CBC, Caster (Bench 4), D 2/16/2016 Garrett Payne
Raw Material Processing, Mold Maker, A 2/16/2016 Brandon Lundell
Spray, Machine Spray, C 2/16/2016 No eligible bidders, will appoint
Spray, Hand Spray/Lav Spray, D 2/16/2016 Kyle Helms
Spray, Transfer/Batt Puller, B 2/23/2016 No Bidders, Will Appoint
NBL, VRP, D 2/23/2016 John Daugherty
Rework, Pro-Fit/Epoxy/Utility, B 2/23/2016 Martin Houston
G & P, Grader, C 2/23/2016 Lonnie Beveridge
TL, VRP, D 3/1/2016 No eligible bidders will appoint
CBC, Clean Up, D 3/1/2016 No Bidders, Will Appoint
CBC, Finisher, C 3/1/2016 Nick Mott
Rework, Pro-Fit/Epoxy/Utility, D 3/8/2016 No Eligible bidders, will appoint
Tank Line, VRP, A 3/8/2016 Mike Cottrill
CBC, Caster (Bench 6), A 3/8/2016 Andrew Schwan
BMC, Tank Caster, C 3/8/2016 Steve Shelly
NBL, Line Attendant/Rim Punch, D 3/8/2016 Jeremiah Foreman
BMC, Finisher, D 3/15/2016 Kyle Goldsmith
G & P, Grader, B 3/15/2016 Terry Johnson
G & P, Grader, A 3/15/2016 Dean Ledee
TL, VRP, C 3/22/2016 Michael Miles
TL, Lead Operator, B 3/22/2016 Joe Kershner
Bench Cast, Utility, 1 3/22/2016 Matthew Schwartz
Bench Cast, Caster:Double Battery, 1 3/22/2016 Rich Roberts
G & P, VRP, B 3/22/2016 No Bidders, Will Appoint
Rework, Pro-Fit/Epoxy/Utility, B 3/22/2016 Terry McCord
Kiln, Kiln Loader, B 3/22/2016 Londale Colvin
NBL, Line Attendant/Plug Stick, B 3/29/2016 Joshua Hart
TL, VRP, B 3/29/2016 John Schumaker
Kiln, Kiln Loader, C 3/29/2016 Doug Evans
G & P, VRP, A 3/29/2016 David Fischer
NBL, Line Attendant/Loose Piece Removal, A 3/29/2016 James Folmer
Rework, Pro-Fit/Epoxy/Utility, A 4/5/2016 Richard Rastorfer
NBL, Clean Up, C 4/5/2016 No Bidders, will appoint
NBL, Line Attendant/A-Operator, C 4/5/2016 Mark Easterday
CBC, Finisher, A 4/5/2016 No eligible bidders, will appoint
NBL, Line Attendant/Peg-In 4/12/2016 Jacob Hodge
G & P, Put Away, A 4/12/2016 Wilfred Baughman
G & P, VRP, C 4/12/2016 Jeff Harper
TL, Line Attendant/Lift Out, B 4/12/2016 Dave Welch
NBL, Line Attendant/Peg-In, C 4/12/2016 Brian Kiley
CBC, Caster (Bench 9), C 4/12/2016 No eligible bidders, will appoint
CBC, VRP, C 4/19/2016 Jacob Stewart
G & P, Material Handler/Set Up, A 4/26/2016 John Price
Tank Line, Cover Line, D 4/26/2016 Randy Brown
Tank Line, Line Attendant/Line Operator, A 4/26/2016 Brenda Thatcher
Raw Material Processing, Mold Maker, 3rd 4/26/2016 Corey Taylor
BMC, VRP, C 4/26/2016 Kenneth Blake
Bench & Battery Cast, Caster:Bowl, 1 4/26/2016 Eric Simmons
CBC, Finisher, C 5/3/2016 Wade Thompson
NBL, Line Attendant/Turn out, C 5/3/2016 Brian Bisel
BMC, Finisher, B 5/3/2016 No eligible bidders, will appt
CBC, Utility, D 5/3/2016 No eligible bidders, will appt
CBC, Utility, D 5/3/2016 Jacob Heimberger
Kiln, Kiln Loader, A 5/10/2016 Justin Iley
TL, Line Attendant/Cover Line Attd, D 5/10/2016 No bidders, will appoint
CBC, Utility, A 5/10/2016 Rebecca Mullet
CDI, Caster, A 5/17/2016 Donald Ostrander
Spray, Machine Spray, C 5/17/2016 Chad Vandriest
CDI, Finisher, A 5/17/2016 Michael Miles
CBC, Finisher, B 5/17/2016 Edwin Rivera
Spray, Tranfer/Batt Puller, A 5/17/2016 Ryan Carder
Spray, Hand/Lav, 1 5/17/2016 Richard Miller
CDI, Caster, D 5/17/2016 No bidders, will appoint
CBC, Finisher, A 5/17/2016 Aaron Elliott