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Updated 08/23/16

The production positions are physically demanding positions that have a 12 hour shift rotating work schedule, working every other weekend. Qualified candidates must have a high school diploma and/or GED, at least 18 years of age, able to lift at least 50 lbs., and possess a strong work ethic.

Interested individuals should send their resume and salary history to:
Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC, ATTN: HR DEPT, P.O. Box 620, Perrysville, OH 44864
or email
or fax (419) 938 – 1427


Updated 08/23/16

The following are skills that are sought for this position and it is not an exhaustive list.

  • Perform basic equipment diagnosis for both electrical & mechanical issues.
  • Must have an understanding and experience in all phases of 110-480 volt system with higher voltage experience preferred.
  • Troubleshoot and repair all standard electrical components and detect minor equipment problems and correct them before they become major issues.
  • Disassemble/reassemble equipment such as gearboxes, cylinders, pumps, valves, etc. and repair/replace worn or defective parts.
  • Experience troubleshooting and repairing hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Troubleshoot PLC systems and other control systems and install wiring systems for power and control.
  • Troubleshoot, install and repair ac/dc motors, starters, relays and drives.
  • Welding and machining experience.
  • Install new equipment and understand technical manuals, read blueprints and how to purchase replacement parts necessary to make equipment repairs.
  • Perform preventive maintenance per planned schedules. Clean and lubricate machinery. Inspect equipment operating conditions. Identify root causes of equipment problems.

The Ideal candidate will be either a graduate of an industrial apprenticeship program or 2-year technical school with at least 3 years industrial experience or have a minimum of 5 yrs. experience as a maintenance electrician/mechanic in an industrial manufacturing facility.

Interested individuals should send their resume and salary history to:
Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC, ATTN: HR DEPT, P.O. Box 620, Perrysville, OH 44864
or email
or fax (419) 938 – 1427



To apply for an hourly position:

  1. Click on the link found here Application for Hourly Employment to bring up an application in a new tab.
  2. This application will need to printed out (landscape) and then completed.
  3. Once filled out, the application can be:
    1. Faxed to (419) 938 – 1427, OR
    2. Mailed to Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC, 150 E. 1st Street, PO Box 620, Attn: HR, Perrysville, OH 44864, OR
    3. Scanned and emailed to

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Position Being Bid Date Posted Successful Bidder
CBC, Caster (Bench 2), A 2/2/2016 Carl Fromm
CBC, Caster (Bench 6), A 2/2/2016 Adam Hoelscher
CBC, Caster (Bench 3), C 2/2/2016 Matthew Kadey
Spray, VRP, C 2/2/2016 Steven Kochert
CBC, Finisher, C 2/2/2016 No eligible bidders, will appoint
NBL, Loose Piece Install, C 2/2/2016 Nathan Sander
NBL, VRP, B 2/2/2016 Joseph McCane
BMC, VRP, B 2/2/2016 Kenneth Scott
CBC, Finisher, A 2/2/2016 Bradley Nirosky
BMC, VRP, D 2/2/2016 Jeremy Vandriest
CBC, Finisher, A 2/2/2016 Brennen Tucker
CBC, Finisher, A 2/2/2016 No Eligible bidders, will appoint
Spray, Transfer/Batt Puller, C 2/9/2016 No Bidders, Will Appoint
CBC, Utility, D 2/9/2016 Steven Hunt
CBC, Finisher, B 2/16/2016 Wade Thompson
CBC, Caster (Bench 4), D 2/16/2016 Garrett Payne
Raw Material Processing, Mold Maker, A 2/16/2016 Brandon Lundell
Spray, Machine Spray, C 2/16/2016 No eligible bidders, will appoint
Spray, Hand Spray/Lav Spray, D 2/16/2016 Kyle Helms
Spray, Transfer/Batt Puller, B 2/23/2016 No Bidders, Will Appoint
NBL, VRP, D 2/23/2016 John Daugherty
Rework, Pro-Fit/Epoxy/Utility, B 2/23/2016 Martin Houston
G & P, Grader, C 2/23/2016 Lonnie Beveridge
TL, VRP, D 3/1/2016 No eligible bidders will appoint
CBC, Clean Up, D 3/1/2016 No Bidders, Will Appoint
CBC, Finisher, C 3/1/2016 Nick Mott
Rework, Pro-Fit/Epoxy/Utility, D 3/8/2016 No Eligible bidders, will appoint
Tank Line, VRP, A 3/8/2016 Mike Cottrill
CBC, Caster (Bench 6), A 3/8/2016 Andrew Schwan
BMC, Tank Caster, C 3/8/2016 Steve Shelly
NBL, Line Attendant/Rim Punch, D 3/8/2016 Jeremiah Foreman
BMC, Finisher, D 3/15/2016 Kyle Goldsmith
G & P, Grader, B 3/15/2016 Terry Johnson
G & P, Grader, A 3/15/2016 Dean Ledee
TL, VRP, C 3/22/2016 Michael Miles
TL, Lead Operator, B 3/22/2016 Joe Kershner
Bench Cast, Utility, 1 3/22/2016 Matthew Schwartz
Bench Cast, Caster:Double Battery, 1 3/22/2016 Rich Roberts
G & P, VRP, B 3/22/2016 No Bidders, Will Appoint
Rework, Pro-Fit/Epoxy/Utility, B 3/22/2016 Terry McCord
Kiln, Kiln Loader, B 3/22/2016 Londale Colvin
NBL, Line Attendant/Plug Stick, B 3/29/2016 Joshua Hart
TL, VRP, B 3/29/2016 John Schumaker
Kiln, Kiln Loader, C 3/29/2016 Doug Evans
G & P, VRP, A 3/29/2016 David Fischer
NBL, Line Attendant/Loose Piece Removal, A 3/29/2016 James Folmer
Rework, Pro-Fit/Epoxy/Utility, A 4/5/2016 Richard Rastorfer
NBL, Clean Up, C 4/5/2016 No Bidders, will appoint
NBL, Line Attendant/A-Operator, C 4/5/2016 Mark Easterday
CBC, Finisher, A 4/5/2016 No eligible bidders, will appoint
NBL, Line Attendant/Peg-In 4/12/2016 Jacob Hodge
G & P, Put Away, A 4/12/2016 Wilfred Baughman
G & P, VRP, C 4/12/2016 Jeff Harper
TL, Line Attendant/Lift Out, B 4/12/2016 Dave Welch
NBL, Line Attendant/Peg-In, C 4/12/2016 Brian Kiley
CBC, Caster (Bench 9), C 4/12/2016 No eligible bidders, will appoint
CBC, VRP, C 4/19/2016 Jacob Stewart
G & P, Material Handler/Set Up, A 4/26/2016 John Price
Tank Line, Cover Line, D 4/26/2016 Randy Brown
Tank Line, Line Attendant/Line Operator, A 4/26/2016 Brenda Thatcher
Raw Material Processing, Mold Maker, 3rd 4/26/2016 Corey Taylor
BMC, VRP, C 4/26/2016 Kenneth Blake
Bench & Battery Cast, Caster:Bowl, 1 4/26/2016 Eric Simmons
CBC, Finisher, C 5/3/2016 Wade Thompson
NBL, Line Attendant/Turn out, C 5/3/2016 Brian Bisel
BMC, Finisher, B 5/3/2016 No eligible bidders, will appt
CBC, Utility, D 5/3/2016 No eligible bidders, will appt
CBC, Utility, D 5/3/2016 Jacob Heimberger
Kiln, Kiln Loader, A 5/10/2016 Justin Iley
TL, Line Attendant/Cover Line Attd, D 5/10/2016 No bidders, will appoint
CBC, Utility, A 5/10/2016 Rebecca Mullet
CDI, Caster, A 5/17/2016 Donald Ostrander
Spray, Machine Spray, C 5/17/2016 Chad Vandriest
CDI, Finisher, A 5/17/2016 Michael Miles
CBC, Finisher, B 5/17/2016 Edwin Rivera
Spray, Tranfer/Batt Puller, A 5/17/2016 Ryan Carder
Spray, Hand/Lav, 1 5/17/2016 Richard Miller
CDI, Caster, D 5/17/2016 No bidders, will appoint
CBC, Finisher, A 5/17/2016 Aaron Elliott