2014 Affordable Style Rewards Program



How points are accumulated
Between May 1 and November 15, 2014, points will be accumulated by rewarding  all wholesaler & showroom salespersons who sell qualifying Mansfield Plumbing products. Points will be issued based on each sale and will be deposited into a “Bank of Awards” upon verification of your sales.
•  Participants must fill the form and send it with a copy of the invoice of the corresponding sale.
•  Receipt of this form will automatically enroll you in the program and will receive a user ID and password.
•  Points may be redeemed only for merchandise featured in this program.
•  Deadline for point redemption is December 31, 2014. Any unredeemed points beyond this date will be forfeited.
•  Points have no cash value.
Bank of Awards
All points you earn in this incentive program will be deposited into your Bank of Awards account. You can view a detail of your point balance and earnings online.
On-Line Award Ordering
Review available awards using the Merchandise Search tabs. Add awards to your Shopping Cart to place your order.

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