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PM-Engineer-Summit-Dual-Flush-Feb-14 The magazine shares how the 'green' Summit Dual Flush toilet is also ADA compliant.
Hotel-Business-Summit-Dual-Flush-March-14 The article announces commercial dual-flush toilets for hotels, including Mansfield's Summit dual flush models.
Bath---Kitchen-Pro-Barrett-HET-July-13 The Barrett Suite's HET is featured for using only 1.28 gpf while flushing 800 grams.
Contractor-Summit-Dual-Flush-July-13 Contractor Magazine features Mansfield's new water saving, Summit Dual Flush Toilet, with two flush options.
PM-Engineer-Elementary-Jan-14 The feature shares how the Elementary Toilet meets ASME's juvenile height and TAS standards for 5- to 8-year-old children.
Plumbing---HVAC-Elementary-Jan-14 The Canadian magazine announces the Elementary Toilet's slow-closing seat to protect kids' fingers.
Healthcare-Facilities-Today-Elementary-Dec-13 The Healthcare Facilities trade magazine features Mansfield's new kid-sized HET.
Equity-Plumbing-Elementary-Jan-14 The Elementary Toilet is announced as the perfect mix of efficiency, safety and quality.
Contractor-Mag-Elementary-Feb-14 Mansfield's toilet, designed for children, is featured as a new 'green' product.
Buildings-Magazine-Elementary-Feb-14 The magazine highlights the Elementary Toilet's kid-friendly safety features.
Building-Operating-Management-Nov-13 Mansfield's new Elementary Toilet is announced as a high-efficiency toilet.
Consumers-Digest-April-2014-Issue Consumers Digest features “Top-Rated Bathroom Fixtures”. Two of Mansfield’s products have been awarded “Premium Selection” Best Buy ratings - the Avalon soaking tub and Brighton Whirlpool. The article also highlights the Cascade rimless toilet as an innovative product and Maverick 1.0 as a low-flow conventional toilet.
Alliance-for-American-Manufacturing---WSJ-story---9-26-13 manufacturethis is a blog of the Alliance for American Manufacturing. The "a bowlful of good news" feature talks about toilet manufacturing making a come back to the U.S.
Ashland-Times-Gazette---WSJ-story---9-26-13 The Ashland-Times Gazette highlights a story from the Wall Street Journal about Mansfield Plumbing Products.
Crain-s-Cleveland-Business---WSJ-story---9-25-13 Crain's Cleveland Business reports on a story from the Wall Street Journal about an Ashland County company, Mansfield Plumbing Products.
Builder---WSJ-Story---9-26-13 Toilet makers are among the manufacturers bringing some production back to the U.S. MPP is expanding in Ohio.
The-Wholesaler-December-2013 “Mansfield Embraces Mission of Building Quality Product in America” covers a variety of topics including our plant expansion, 97% fill rates and 5-9 day lead-times.
Wisconsin-PHC---Commercial-Trends---Spring-2013 The magazine interviewed Mansfield's Commercial Manager Jim Bauman about commercial restroom trends.
ContractorMag-com---Essence-HET---April-2013 The magazine shares how KBIS 2013 attendees were first to see Mansfield's new Essence HET and Montclair HET, both of which use only 1.28 gallons per flush.
BuilderOnline-com---Cascade-Toilet---April-2013 The Cascade toilet is featured as a high-efficiency toilet that carries the EPA's WaterSense label.
ForResidentialPros-com---Brentwood-Suite---April-2013 The Brentwood Suite is featured as the newest addition to Mansfield's line of stylish, affordable bathroom suites.
ProudGreenHome-com---Essence-and-Montclair-HETs---April-2013 Mansfield's new Essence HET and Montclair HET are featured as stylish "green" toilets that are also affordable.
Residential-Building-Products---Essence-HET---April-2013 The new Essence HET, which uses only 1.28 gallons per flush, is featured as one of 15 must-see products at 2013 KBIS.
The-Wholesaler---Take-5---April-2013 Mansfield took 30 distributors and guests on an all-expense-paid trip to the dominican Republic.
TheWholesaler-com---American-Muscle---Classic---April-2013 Mansfield rewarded hundreds of its distributors and customers for selling its "Made in America" products.
USALoveList-com---Made-in-America---March-2013 Mansfield's EcoQuantum is featured (see "Water Use" on Page 2) as a "Made in America" product that additionally helps save water.
KBBOnline---Cascade-Toilet---Feb-2013 Mansfield's rimless Cascade toilet is featured as a new "green" bathroom product.
Kitchen---Bath-Business-December-2012 The magazine features the Cascade, sharing how the green, rimless toilet has visible holes for easy cleaning.
TheWholesaler-com-Expansion-Sept-2012 The magazine features Mansfield twice: Once in an article about Mansfield’s $9 million expansion in 2013, and again in a product feature for the Restore Walk-In Tub.
The-Plumbing-Advocate-Restore-Fall-2012 Mansfield’s Restore Walk-In Tub is featured as a new tub with an innovative design that minimizes the risk of slipping and falling.
PlumbingWebConnection-com Sept. 1, 2012: Mansfield will expand the capacity of its Perryville, Ohio, plant by 50 percent over the next three years.
Journal-of-Light-Construction-Brentwood-September-2012 September 2012: The magazine announces Mansfield’s new Brentwood Suite, and its top-quality design at an affordable price.
InteriorDesign-net-productFIND A variety of Mansfield’s latest products are featured in the magazine’s searchable product database.
HomeChannelNews-com-Expansion-Sept-2012 Sept. 11, 2012: Mansfield Plumbing will expand its U.S. production in 2013.
BH-G-s-Real-Life-Kitchen---Baths-EcoQuantum-Winter-2012 Better Homes and Gardens’ Real-Life Kitchens & Baths, December 2012: Mansfield’s EcoQuantum is featured as a high-efficiency toilet that uses only 1.6 or 1.0 gallons per flush.
Southern-PHC-Cascade-JuneJuly-2012 The magazine announces the U.S. launch of the Cascade, which uses only 1.28 gallons per flush.
The-Wholesaler-Cascade-June-2012 The publication shares news about the Cascade, Mansfield's unique rimless, high-efficiency toilet.
Kitchen-and-Bath-Design-News-Summit-Dual-Flush-June-2012 Mansfield's Summit Dual Flush is announced as a new water-saving, American-made toilet.
Architectural-Products-Restore-JulyAugust-2012 The magazine features the Restore walk-in tub, which has an ADA-compliant seat that allows bathers to remain upright.
Supply-House-ad-and-advertorial-July-2012 The magazine features Mansfield in its “Manufacturer Spotlight”.
Plumbing-and-Mechanical-ad-and-advertorial-July-2012 This case history discusses Mansfield’s products "Best of All Features" - Made in the USA, high efficiency, innovative and affordable.
Contractor-Cascade-May-2012 The product features shares how the Cascade toilet stays clean longer by eliminating the rim and uses only 1.28 gpf.
EcoHome-Cascade-May-2012 The rimless Cascade toilet is highlighted for its unique design and high efficiency.
Kitchen-and-Bath-Ideas-Barrett-June-2012 Mansfield's Barrett Suite toilet is featured as one of the top toilets for its high performance and stylish look.
Bottom-Line-Personal-May-2012 Mansfield is exclusively listed as the Made In America bathroom fixtures manufacturer.
Bath-Kitchen-Pro-eNews-Cascade-4-12 The rimless, HET Cascade toilet's debut is announced in the e-newsletter.
Kitchen-Bath-Design-News-Pro-Fit-4-2012 Mansfield's Pro-Fit line of air baths offers 46-58 air channels for massage.
The-Wholesaler-Brentwood-4-2012 Mansfield's newest suite in its "Affordable Style" line, its Brentwood Suite, is showcased.
SupplyHT-com-Cascade-4-2012 The magazine features Mansfield's new rimless toilet prominently on its website's home page.
Supply-House-Times-Cascade-4-2012 The magazine announces the new Cascade toilet, which is both rimless and uses only 1.28 gallons per flush.
Remodeling-Magazine-December-2011 The Summit Dual Flush is featured as a new toilet than can flush 800 grams and is WaterSense compliant.
Journal-of-Light-Construction-December-2011 Mansfield has added a line of affordable air baths to its Pro-Fit collection of whirlpools and soaker tubs.
ForResidentialPros-con-November-2011 The Summit Dual Flush Toilet, which provides either 1.1 or 1.6 gallons per flush, is announced.
EcoHome-January-2012 Mansfield’s new Summit Dual Flush helps reduce water usage up to 20 percent.
Building-Products-Fall-2011 Mansfield’s new and improved version of its Alto toilet uses only 1.28 gallons per flush with better flushing performance.
Architectural-Products-January-2012 Mansfield’s new “Made in America” dual flush toilet is featured as a new restroom product.
Building-Products---Summer-2011 Mansfield’s new line of “Made in America” Pro-Fit Air Baths is featured in the new products section.
Wholesaler---August-2011 The U.S.-made Alto 1.28 toilet is featured and highlighted for its ability to flush 600 grams.
Contractor-Magazine---August-2011 The high-efficiency Alto 1.28 toilet is highlighted in the “Green Product” section.
PHC-News---July-2011 Mansfield’s American-made, Alto 1.28, has a 3” hybrid flush valve and uses only 1.28 gallons per flush.
Kitchen-and-Bath-Design-News---July-2011 The Alto 1.28, available in ADA, elongated and round-front configurations, is showcased as a new product.
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